All my holidays begin the same way. There’s me, there’s the stuff I want to take on holiday with me and there’s my suitcase. We stay as far apart from each other as possible until approximately 20 minutes before I need to leave. Then I gather up my clothes and become convinced it all needs ironing. Once I’ve pressed my knickers and swimsuits, there’s the time consuming ritual of rolling them into tiny cloth sausages and stuffing them around open bottles of shampoo, plug adapters and 1/2 a dozen novels, just to make sure they are thoroughly creased and ruined when I get there.

This frenzy of packing completely destroys several synaptic connections in my brain. Specifically, the ones connected with remembering whether or not I unplugged the iron, turned the hob off or set fire to my bed. This means I have to go back to my flat at least 3 times to check it isn’t in flames or already full of burglars before I can get so much as a toe on public transport.

Consequently, I always arrive at airports in sweaty hysterics, which is why Leonard’s suggestion that we meet at The Wolseley for breakfast before heading to Heathrow was genius. Instead of staggering into Terminal 5 leaking snot and fear, I fell through the doors of The Wolseley and had my holiday neurosis instantly soothed by the gliding calm of the waitress who ushered me to my seat.

Omelette Arnold Bennet

I sat at the table a ragged heap of inappropriate clothes and bulging hand luggage. 5 minutes later, with an elegant pot of English breakfast tea firmly in my grasp, I was a woman reborn. Over the next 20 minutes DJ and Leonard arrived puffing and panicking and a similar transformation took place. Fretting about whether or not we’d packed toothbrushes was replaced with strategic breakfast plotting.

In spite of being sat in front of a Viennoiserie table display so golden I swear it had its own halo, I was determined to be good. Good here stands for “order the omelette Arnold Bennett.” It has fish in it, therefore it’s a health food.

Bacon and pancakes

An open-faced, flannelly sun in a bowl, it was the acme of omelettes. Silken pools of cream and spongy clouds of eggs were ribbed with chunks of flaking haddock. I had to regularly put my knife and fork down to resist shovelling it into my mouth in one go. Even with the cutlery on the table, it was hard work to not just shove my face in the plate.

Leonard ordered pancakes with bacon after being assured that it would come with maple syrup. The porridge-eating man next to us was fascinated by the meal when it arrived. So much so, he overcame his natural British reticence to ask what this foreign and exotic dish was. We just about got the concept across to him before Leonard finished inhaling it, but only just.

Kedgeree and poached egg

DJ ordered the kedgeree, which came topped with a softly poached egg. I managed to dig a fork in before she finished and it was perfect.

The bill for the 3 breakfasts, 3 pots of tea, a round of wholemeal toast and service came to £16.60 each. I’d normally consider this an incredible amount to spend on a weekday breakfast but as it marked the point in time when my minibreak officially began, it gets filed under Mysteriously Affordable While On Holiday and I will worry about it and eat gruel next month.

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris, ginandcrumpets. ginandcrumpets said: New Post: How to start your holiday happy and relaxed: go to breakfast at The Wolsely. Features tea and toast: […]

  2. Great idea to chill out and start your holiday early while in the UK still – much better than getting breakfast on the plane!

  3. Niamh says:

    Fab! Love it and really must go there soon. I am the same when it comes to packing. Everything last minute. Will note this approach!

  4. rampant chutney consumerism says:

    i’ve missed reading this blog!

  5. As I thought,very posh.What a great way to start a holiday.

  6. LexEat! says:

    I like your approach – sometimes it’s just fun to wear the expense and deal with it later. Hope you had a great break!

  7. Helen says:

    I have that neurosis when I leave the house EVERY DAY. Seriously. Think yourself lucky.

  8. ginandcrumpets says:

    @Gourmet Chick I think it’s how I;m going to start every holiday from now on. Nice to arrive at the airport feeling happy rather than panicky and harassed!

    @Niamh Packing is the devil’s work.

    @rampant chutney consumerism Why’d you ever go away, eh? Eh?

    @Northern Snippet It was posh and a very good way to start a holiday. 🙂

    @LexEat! If I didn;t do things because I couldn’t afford them I would spend all my time sat at home with the lights off. Holiday was wonderful.

    @Helen I have to school myself not to go home and check that I’ve left all the hobs on. Occasionally I give in and run back upstairs to discover that I have turned everything off. Quelle surprise.

  9. Chrystyna says:

    Am thrilled to have come across this blog. I’m planning to visit London in July and have The Wolseley on my list for breakfast on the one day. My husband thinks that it may be a bit pricey just for breaky, however, it will be our anniversary, so it is warranted in my books! We’re going to follow it up with dim sum at China Tang at the Dorchester for lunch, fika (our version of afternoon tea here in Sweden) at Ladurée in Harrods and then dim sum again at Yauatcha for dinner (this London trip we’re focussing on finding the best Dim Sum or at least Char Siu Bao, in the capital).

    So excited!

    After having read this blog post, I then read forward and noticed that you had visited Stockholm. Because of your posts, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for those restaurants.

    Looking forward to reading more of your gastro adventures!

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      Breakfast at The Wolseley is a perfect way to start your anniversary! Such a beautiful room and a really great breakfast. Sounds like you have a lovely break planned – hope you enjoy it.

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