Not taken your Christmas decorations yet? Don’t worry, you aren’t slovenly. You’re simply waiting for the real on the 17th January to arrive. In anticipation of this pre-Gregorian calendar celebration, I’ve written about the tradition of wassailing for . Comes with bonus Lambswool (mulled ale) recipe, for those who enjoy ruining their beer with spices and apple purée. Click here to read more.

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4 Responses to Wassailing for The Dabbler

  1. I think I’d prefer this to mulled wine. Walthamstow Village has its first wassail this year, they were looking for volunteer households to host the group of wassailers on the way round but alas I didn’t have an apple tree to offer. It’s a wonderful tradition though I applaud it being revived.

  2. Nora says:

    As we have taken down our tree today, I am delighted to see that we were just following old traditional ways, even if it was totally inadvertently! Now all we need is some lambswool! I’m intrigued by an apple, ale and bread based drink. It would keep you warm though…

  3. Did you see Rick Steins Christmas programme with the Wassailers?
    There’s a couple with the surname Wassail who come into the pub,must have been an odd profession.I’m not keen on cider,we sometimes get a keg of the proper cloudy stuff in,the smell is heinous but people like it.Your drink looks much better.

  4. ginandcrumpets says:

    @Sarah That’s brilliant! You’re going to have to get yourself an apple tree for next year. Or join the group of wassailers!

    @Nora Drinking it guarantees a warm beer overcoat. Ideal for when you’re carousing in the orchards.

    @Northern Snippet Maybe their family were just very keen on partaking of the wassail? I promise you lambswool isn’t better than cider. It’s a different yet familiar route to the same end.

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