Goat's cheese and orange salad with balsamic pearls
and salad with balsamic pearls

Sound the alarms! The official Most Romantic Day of the Year is nearly upon us and if you have a partner then it’s not yet too late to get them a moderately humourous card and flowers / chocolates / cufflinks or whatever pointless trinket best sums up the depth of your feelings for them.

It is, however, far too late to get a table in a nice restaurant. Much, much too late. They were all booked out months ago by smooth swines with diaries and personal assistants and a keen sense of organisation all tucked away in their armaments of wooing. You, on the other hand, are staring down the barrel of a candlelit Big Mac meal for 2. You have only 2 options.

Well, OK, you have 3 – you could 1) just go for the Big Mac and if your loved one looks a little disappointed, you just claim it’s an ironic Valentine’s Day meal and your way of Sticking It To The Man while still taking them out for dinner. This gambit almost never works out well but worth a shot if you wake up on the 14th with a hangover that only a dirty burger will fix.

Or 2) you can order in takeaway. A brilliant plan if you have children or, again, a hangover. Solution number 3, however, is the winner: make them dinner yourself. Because nothing says I love you like a little hard labour in the kitchen. Plus it’s cheaper and, if you accept a little help from me and Belazu, then it won’t even be tricky to do.

I have created three recipes using ’s very fine selection of foods that make an excellent meal for those who like a whiff of the Mediterranean in their romancing. Start your meal with Goat’s cheese and orange salad with balsamic pearls, continue with Rose harissa rack of lamb and then complete your seduction in triumph with Smoked chilli chocolate pots. No one can resist the charms of this meal (especially the pots) and you will find yourself the hero of St Valentine’s Day. Romance achieved.

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One Response to Valentine’s Day recipes for Belazu

  1. Debs says:

    I dream of my sweetheart making a beautiful meal like this for Valentine’s Day. I will be lucky to get the burger! : ) The goat’s cheese and orange salad I will make as a treat for ME!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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