The remains of the cake sale
The remains of the cake sale

Sister Number 1 is a lunatic. She and her swim team – Team Awesome – are going to swim a relay across the Channel this Friday. It’s for charity, of course, although disappointingly it’s not going to involve fancy dress. The point of a charity event that doesn’t involve fancy dress is lost on me, but maybe they think ploughing through 34km of icy seawater and sewage only to arrive in France is effort enough.

They’re doing it for The Food Chain, a brilliant charity that provides nutritional services for people chronically ill with HIV. I volunteer for them once a month (yes, that is a halo you can see around this blog), helping to prep the Sunday meals that are delivered around London. You could volunteer for them too.

To help SN1 raise lots of cash, I organised a cake sale in my office.
No one ever minds buying a piece of cake, so it’s a fundraising
no-brainer. I baked my legs off on Sunday and yesterday I led my colleagues further down the road of obesity with a cake sale that included:

Coffee and walnut cakes
Triple brownies
Custard tarts
Almond macaroons
Coconut macaroons
Apple and elderberry cake
Gingerbread biscuits
Earl Grey tea bread
Lemon and poppy seed cakes
Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes

Chocolate kirspie cakes
Chocolate kirspie cakes

In total, we raised £135.  I’m going to blog some of the recipes from the sale over the next week. In the mean time, if you’d like to sponsor Team Awesome, or just look at pictures of them in their swimsuits, click here.

Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes
Makes various quantities

Milk chocolate – at least 100g
Rice Krispies

1 Melt the chocolate in a large heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water or in the microwave, checking it and stirring every 15–30 seconds if you’re using the microwave. Remove the melted chocolate from whichever heat source you’re using.

2 Start shaking the Rice Krispies into the melted chocolate. You want to coat all the Rice Krispies in chocolate but still have some extra, visible melted chocolate that will glue the cakes together when they set.

3 Spoon the thick Rice Krispie mixture into fairy cake cases and chill in the fridge for a couple of hours until set. Sell for charity.

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11 Responses to The charity cake sale for Sister Number 1

  1. Sue says:

    Good luck to your sister! I’ll be waiting around for the earl grey tea bread sounds interesting. PS is that SN1 in picture, she is cute 😉

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      Not sure which picture you’re referring to Sue, but SN1 is featured in this blog somewhere and I can confirm she is cute, although I like to think I have my own raddled appeal.

      • Verystylishgirl says:

        that’s not me in the pic – it is Simone who is also very cute. I missed that day at the beach. Thanks for the hard work Jas and excellent fundraising. I am awaiting the posting of the almond macaroons – my favourite.

  2. Krispie cakes never fail. Ever.

    Well done!

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      One of the first things I ever learnt to make. I remember a summer holiday where we made a batch a day for a week. Good times.

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  6. Ellis Arlt says:

    Love the article. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  7. Jack.a says:

    cool i lov rice crispy cakes

  8. Jack.a says:

    were doin a rice crispy thing?

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