Blaggers' Banquet
Blaggers' Banquet

The Blaggers’ Banquet tickets have gone on sale! They are available from ebay and you can buy tables of two for £150 or bid on tables of two, starting price £75. There is also a table for five available at £375.

The Banquet is taking place on Saturday November 15th at Hawksmoor in ’s trendy Spitalfields. There are 44 food bloggers taking part and they will be cooking the food, washing the dishes, pouring the drinks, spilling the coffee and generally making sure you have a fantastic time. I am going to help with the food prep, so if you come and think: ‘That is a particularly well cut carrot,’ there is a chance that its near perfect, sliced and diced appearance is down to me. Or possibly I chopped the carrots that looked like a psycho went wild with a vegetable peeler. We’ll see.

All the food and drink for the evening has been blagged by bloggers significantly better at blagging than me. Guests will start the evening with a glass of sparkling Chapel Down wine and then move on to a 5 course meal that will feature Wagyu beef, sustainable yellow kingfish, delicious cheeses and booze.

There’s going to be a charity auction of blagged goodies, too. I did actually manage to blag something for this (in the sense that they emailed me and offered to donate. Anyone I contacted turned off the lights, hid behind the sofa and I could quite clearly hear them say: ‘Shhhh, if she thinks no one’s in, she’ll go away.’ Miserable swines). The excellent Brays Cottage are donating a 3lb pie to the auction. A 3lb pie, imagine that. Ideal for Christmas, wouldn’t you say? Giles Coren described their pies as the perfect pork pie and where a Coren leads, we must follow.

There will be an auction on the night and also one on ebay later for people who can’t snap up a ticket. For more information about the Banquet, go to the brains-behind-the-Banquet eatlikeagirl’s blog here and read more here, here and follow the twitter feed here.

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