Smoked salmon from Chelsea

The Blaggers’ Banquet – the charity dinner organised by Eat Like A Girl in early November – was not just one evening of food, wine, martinis and giving to charity. It was also a month of online auctions, because once you start raising money for charity, it’s sometimes hard to stop.

Producers, publishers, restauranteurs and other generous people whose job titles I’m not sure of generously donated things and experiences to be auctioned off for Action Against Hunger. In spite of still not being 100% sure how eBay works, I managed to place the winning bid on a side of smoked salmon from Chelsea Fish.

I collected it last Friday and carried it through the snow to my parent’s home to be the starter for Christmas Mark Two. The whole Gin and Crumpets family couldn’t assemble for Christmas Mark One, so we did the entire thing again and it was so convincing that I was astonished when our neighbours started doing some DIY halfway through lunch. Who does DIY on Christmas Day? And why wasn’t David Tennant on TV every half an hour?

I arranged the salmon on a platter with a flourish and lemon wedges. Ma G&C whipped up yogurt and ricotta with secret ingredients and a scattering of pomegranate seeds. I burnt the blinis. The salmon was a triumph. Firm and meaty with a sweet tang, I am forever grateful to Chelsea Fish for donating it. Not only did I feed 7 people with it on Sunday, I can have smoked salmon and eggs for breakfast every day this week.

The Blaggers’ Banquet 2009 is now definitely, finally over and The Blaggers’ Banquet 2010 has yet to rise from its ashes, but you can still donate to Action Against Hunger here.

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3 Responses to The Blaggers’ Banquet smoked salmon

  1. This salmon looks divine. Well done on bidding and winning. I’m sick of David Tennant. He always has same expression on his face.

  2. Lizzie says:

    I love smoked salmon, especially with capers, lemon and red onion. That looks delicious, and I am jealous of your Christmas Mk II.

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