Three Salads For Autumn

On September 23, 2016 By

Yes, still talking about the supper club. Still living on past glories, as the year creeps towards its end and I get reflective on long, dark nights.

We served a mix of salads at the start of the supper club, because it’s very important that people eat their vegetables. […]

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I’d meant to make this salad with burrata, but the bit of South East London I live in hasn’t gentrified sufficiently for there to be bowls of burrata in the delicatessens, just a wide range of buffalo mozzarellas. In hindsight, this made my life easier. If I had got hold of a soft ball of […]

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Parsnip and apple coleslaw

You’d think that being a blogger would mean that I am a self-obsessed narcissist¬†who loves to stand out from the crowd. This is true, but like normal people I also enjoy being part of a crowd now and then. Preferably a crowd who will […]

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