Vegan cherry and almond cake

Vegan cakes. They’re not everyone’s idea of a good time. Mostly this is because, instead of embracing the differences inherent in a dairy and egg-free baking, vegan bakers attempt to replicate a traditional sponge to prove vegan cakes are just like normal cakes. And it doesn’t really work. […]

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Pineapple and coconut upside down cake

This is my 100th post. Who would’ve thought the old girl had so many words in her? Not me. I thought it’d last 3 months before I gave up, but apparently I’m a shameless attention seeker. Thanks for bearing with me.

Because it’s an […]

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Cherry martini

If you opted to make the dry version of the Cherry pie for Cherry pie ice cream, you should now have a jam jar of sweet cherry juices. If you haven’t done it already, put it in the fridge to chill. Stick a martini […]

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Cherry pie ice cream


I completely cocked up this cherry pie recipe. I had an idea of making individual pies that you could take with you on a picnic; sturdy little pies that you could prise the lids off, spoon in whipped cream, then eat in a messy fashion.


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Cherry compote with yogurt

Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast. The first meal of the day and my second thought of the day. My first being: ‘Just five more minutes.’ Cue duvet being flipped back over head.

My regular summer breakfast is Bircher muesli, but occasionally I mix things up and have something else […]

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Cherry and walnut cake

Ah, cake. What an excellent way you are to use up the half packet of chopped walnuts that has been looking at me accusingly from my kitchen cupboard. Especially as I never seem to run out of flour, which surprises me. I don’t remember buying it but […]

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Chocolate and almond cake with brandied cherries

This is a really terrible photograph and I can only apologise. But it illustrates something very tasty, so it has to go in, even if it does make the cake look a bit like one of the Fireys from Continue Reading

Cherry Bircher muesli

Is there anything more pleasing that a discernibly healthy breakfast? The sort of breakfast that means you can eat whatever you want later on because The Good Work has already been done. Eating bircher muesli always makes me feel smug, and this recipe makes good use of […]

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Proverbial bowl of cherries

On Saturday I went shopping at East Street Market for the first time in a few years. I used to shop there every week, buying scoops of fruit and veg for a pound a pound and stopping at the egg stall, fishmongers, […]

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