Three Salads For Autumn

On September 23, 2016 By

Yes, still talking about the supper club. Still living on past glories, as the year creeps towards its end and I get reflective on long, dark nights.

We served a mix of salads at the start of the supper club, because it’s very important that people eat their vegetables. […]

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In a fit of enthusiasm, I bought too many courgettes. This can’t be a problem many people have. Enthusiasm is not something normally associated with courgettes. Resignation, maybe. Regret. A little light puzzlement. These are all classic reactions to courgettes. An entire fridge drawer filled with courgettes often elicits panic, dizziness […]

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One for me, one for you… Wait. Two for me. You can go and make your own

Is it too late to talk about summer? We have blue skies still, and on the days when I put on a jumper I end up smelling like a teenager’s trainer because it’s […]

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