I know what you’re thinking. No, really. I do. It’s a gift I have. Firstly, you’re wondering whether it’s too early to put the central heating on. Let me reassure you, it’s fine. It’s never too soon to experience the joy of socks warm from the radiator. And secondly, you’re puzzling over exactly when Mexican food arrived in Great Britain and who brought it over.

I can help you with that one, too. In the new issue of Fancy, available in Julian Graves stores for a trifling 99p, I have written a very modest feature covering the entire history of Mexican food in the UK. To go with it, there are some nice recipes from Thomasina Miers.

You’ll also find a mention of MsMarmitelover, kitsch cupcakes from Eric Lanlard, pages of pies and a knit-your-own miniature schnauzer pattern (no, really). Rush out and buy a copy.

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3 Responses to Read me in this month’s Fancy

  1. Ooh, well done! I’ll definitely be buying a copy. 🙂

  2. DJ says:

    You had me at “knit your own schnautzer”…

  3. What a groovy looking lil’ magazine, I don’t have a Julian Graves near me but I will make a point of picking one of those up if I ever pass one. Will have to make do with their website for now!

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