Passion fruit pots

If the shop shelves full of glittery cards, pink confetti, pricey chocolates and teddy bears with I WUV YOU embroidered on the bellies haven’t already alerted you to the impending arrival of St Valentine’s Day, let me give you a nudge. It’s nearly St Valentine’s Day! There are just four days to go before the one you love will wake up, turn to you and ask exactly how you decided to physically manifest the depths of your emotions for them this year.

Personally, I have always favoured the heart-shaped edible. Usually a pasty – no man can resist a heart-shaped pasty. Actually, no man can resist a pasty, but it’s good to make concessions to the season. However, this year I have cracked out the sugar and come up with a recipe for Passion fruit cheesecake pots for Aol Lifestyle. I promise you they will make you irresistible to the opposite sex/same sex/both (whichever you prefer).

Click here for your guaranteed* aphrodisiac cheesecake recipe.

*Guaranteed in the sense of not actually being guaranteed. Mostly it’s going to be down to how good you are at dancing and your choice of socks.

6 Responses to Passion fruit cheesecake pots for Aol Lifestyle

  1. Miss Whiplash says:

    I am DESPERATE to make some heart shaped thingummies. These look nice, but pasties sound like utter genius 🙂

  2. James Brewer says:

    I’m trying to find heart shaped ramekins – my mission for this weekend!! Making a Chambord Creme Brulee, and after seeing this, I want to make them in something heart shaped… I will blame you if I can’t find them 🙂

  3. Theldry says:

    Honestly, those AoL Lifestyle readers would probably starve if they weren’t offered recipes baked in ramekins at least once a week! 😀

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