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A office party without alcohol is basically an after hours meeting. One without an agenda, obvious end time or biscuits. It’s a prospect too horrible to consider. So when our department do hoved into view, I made sure to kick start it with some miracle .

“Miracle gin?” you ask, possibly unable to comprehend how much more miraculous gin could be. And you are right to wonder. Not least because the gin in question did not start off as gin. No, it was vodka.

Mind boggling, isn’t it?


I had been sent a pack of gin sachets by Alchemy Infusions, who promise they can turn anyone into a gin wizard. The process is simple: each box has five plastic sachets of spices – or botanicals, as I suppose they are in this context – into which you pour a large measure of vodka. You stick these in mugs of hot water, leave them for 90 seconds and then move them to mugs of iced water. 90 finger-tapping seconds later, you strain the gin into glasses over ice, top up with tonic and voilà: a Christmas miracle.

We gathered around the mugs. In each sachet was 60ml UK5 Organic Vodka and a fistful of botanicals. Lots of juniper berries, of course, as well as coriander, black peppercorns, liquorice, orange peel and rose petals. The sachets were fogged with steam and we were a-tremble with excitement.


Seconds away from gin

The stopwatch hit 90 and I dextrously dumped the sachets into mugs of cold water. As per usual with parties, we’d forgotten to get ice. So the water was perhaps not as cold as it was supposed to be. But who cares? Instant gin!

Straining the gin into glasses through a giant mesh sieve because no one could find the tea strainer was a challenge. But enough of it made into the glasses to count as a serving. An ice cube (just the one), wedge of lime and some swish 6 o’Clock Tonic Water completed the job.


The taste test challenge

Judgement time: would my colleagues be bowled over by my alchemical powers? Initial response: not bad. And it wasn’t. There was a fair slap of juniper and the amount of coriander meant it was pretty zingy, but it was definitely more gin than vodka. We were impressed, although I’d make sure there was buckets of ice next time. No one wants a tepid gin and tonic.

Alchemy Infusions VS Gin Kits are £4.99 from Amazon, so if you’re looking for a stocking filler for the gin fiend in your life then you still have time to order one.

I was sent my gin kit as a gift.

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