Elderflower fairy cakes

I’m an unstoppable recipe-generating machine, even while lying on a sofa in a darkened room wearing sunglasses and swallowing lovely, lovely painkillers. Hopefully you know this because you’ve been going over to Aol Lifestyle to see if I’m there and you can get your Gin and Crumpets fix. If you haven’t, now’s your chance to catch up.

First up, there’s a video of me making Raspberry and pecan Bircher muesli. It’s the summer breakfast you have been waiting the whole of your life for, plus you get to hear how melodious my voice is. Like angels singing, I swear.

If you enjoyed that video of me, then you can move straight on to another video of me making Sausage and broccoli pasta. Note how my face gets redder and redder over the course of filming.

But if the thought of live action Gin and Crumpets terrifies you, then stick to the written word with a recipe for Elderflower fairy cakes (pictured above). Normal service will resume.

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0 Responses to I kept on filling up the internet even though I was on my sick bed

  1. Trina says:

    The elderflower fairy cakes look yummy! I must try them!

  2. Sally says:

    You are very calm and collected on TV – very impressive.

  3. Love it – videos are a scary thing! Get better soon….

  4. The videos are fantastic- congratulations. Hoping things get easier soon.

  5. Food Urchin says:

    You has been filming yourself! This is a brilliant idea!

    Was this filmed with the old eyes?

  6. Ziu says:

    Hope you’ll feel better soon!

    I really enjoy reading your blog & articles at AOL – you’re such a talented writer!

    (also, i’m so with you on a snooze button!)

  7. oxfordfood says:

    Sweet, I’m so making elderflower cupcakes at work!

  8. ginandcrumpets says:

    @Trina I hope you enjoy them.

    @Sally Didn’t feel very calm!

    @Gourmet Chick Thanks.

    @Tori Thank you.

    @Northern Snippet Haha, really? Always freaked out when I hear my own voice.

    @Food Urchin They were filmed with the old eyes. Can you tell by the way I blindly grope about unable to find anything?

    @Ziu Aw, shucks. Thank you.

    @oxfordfood If you do, then I expect a free one with my coffee when I’m next up Oxford way.

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