The campaign to use up all the festering things in my kitchen cupboards continues apace. Having used up most of my jar of stem ginger in Brownies with stem ginger and Rhubarb and ginger cake, I now have a lot of stem ginger syrup.

A conversation about colds and the efficacy of hot toddies in treating them wandered into what should go into a hot toddy to give it maximum cold defeating powers. Ginger was mentioned and immediately I knew what to with my stem ginger syrup: mix it with booze and drink it.

Ginger hot toddy
Serves 1

50ml good
1 thick slice lemon
4 cloves
3 tsp syrup from a stem ginger jar

1 Pour the whisky into a heat proof glass. Stud the lemon with the cloves and add to the glass with the stem ginger syrup. Top up with hot water – about 150ml in total. Leave for a couple of minutes to infuse. Stir before drinking.

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