Xoriguer Mahon Gin
Xoriguer Mahon

The weather has finally turned cold. Even in London we’re huddling closer together, gloves and scarves deployed like wooly barriers in case anyone mistakes our shivering proximity for an unLondon overture of friendship.

When the weather turns like this, I like to parade around the garden in a bikini, demonstrating that all those months spent acquiring layers of subcutaneous fat have left me impervious to sudden drops in temperature. But this is fairly normal in my street. I live next to a bunch of Brazilians and they rarely get dressed.

The key differences between me and the Brazilians, however, are:
1) they look good in their swimmers, and
2) they aren’t drunk on Spanish gin when they strap on their Speedos.

If you’re suffering from the gloom of the dark nights, nippy winds and crunchy, frosty mornings, throw off your woolies, turn up the heating and pour yourself a big glass of Spanish happiness, courtesy of Xoriguer Mahon Gin.

Day or night gin? It’s 38% so it’s suitable for day drinking, but the days are so short now you’ll have to start early in order to fit a few glasses in.

What does it smell of? Love, romance, cheeky siesta sex in the afternoon, Copydex… I’m joking. It doesn’t smell of the first three things at all – those are good things and gin never smells of good things. It does smell a little of fish glue and nail varnish, but it mostly smells like roses.

How does it taste? Wonderful. Delicate lemon at the start, deep, warm spices in the middle and then it tries to rip your throat apart at the end, just like a good gin should. Juniper, liquorice, angelica – it’s a complex, aromatic gin that’s good with soda or tonic. Don’t make it into martinis, it’s too interesting.

Buy it? Yes. I bought my first bottle of Xoriguer (pronounced ‘sho-ri-gair’, apparently, although I find emphatically shouting ‘not Larios’ works just as well) when I was 18 and whenever I go to Spain, I always seek it out. In the UK, it’s available online at thedrinkshop and drinkon, priced £19-21. If you’re in London, then the always satisfying Gerry’s on Old Compton Street stocks it, priced £21.

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16 Responses to Gin tasting: Xoriguer Mahon Gin

  1. curlywurlyfi says:

    ooooh this is good news. I am always in the market for new gins, especially since I’ve decided to give my father a Gin Sampler Case for his Christmas present this year (the gift that keeps on giving, do you see?) Have you tried Citadelle, which is a lovely French gin? Can be tricky to get hold of but Milroys of Soho occasionally stock it.

  2. “cheeky siesta sex in the afternoon”

    not to be pedantic, but when else would you have cheeky siesta sex?


  3. Helen says:

    Ha ha! You frequently make me laugh out loud.

  4. Douglas says:

    Interesting thing about this gin is that it’s made from grapes grown close to pine trees. The resin blows onto the grapes which scents the gin, despite distillation. I love it, actually…

  5. Lizzie says:

    I did a little chortle. Perhaps we should all do some naked outdoor gin-fuelled dancing to keep the cheer.

    As a fellow gin lover, I work near Gerry’s so I’m looking forward to picking a bottle up.

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      I’ll make ‘naked gin-fueled outdoor dancing’ the theme for my Christmas party. Bit of a change from ‘mince pies and mulled wine’, but should generate some interest and some good facebook photo albums.

  6. Richard says:

    Ahhh – Xoriguer Mahon Gin. This takes me back to childhood holidays in Menorca and drunken Mother frying on the beach.

    As soon as the clock struck noon, Dad was dispatched to the beach bar for “gin in a tin”. Take one chilled can of lemon fanta, pour away quater of the contents, top up with Xoriguer Mahon Gin. Not sure how it would work nowadays with this new icey-over-sugared fanta crap though.

    Funny you should mention the fishy smell. I remember one time, back at the villa, Mother was fixing her Xoriguer based sun-downer, when a fish did actually come out of the bottle along with her more than generous measure. She drank it anyway.

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      Gin and Lemon Fanta sounds fantastic – takes me back to my teenage years when Two Dogs and Hooch were on the market. They made excellent mixers for gin, if an alcoholic lemonade can be considered a mixer. Wonder if gin and limonata would work? Might make that my summer drink.

      And did a fish really come out of the bottle? Really really?

  7. Richard says:

    Yep, really really a fish dropped out of the bottle. 100% honest!!

    I really like gin and gingerbeer. So, this new crabbies alcofrolic gingerbeer and gin is very good.

    A bit like a more potent moscow mule. But rather with gin.

  8. Gordon says:

    Resurrecting comment threads… priceless. But had to add in for those who, like me, champion truly great gins especially now that gin bars are so trendy. Any gin bar without Xoriguer is simply pretending at being serious.
    Anyway, I was simply posting to impart that as mentioned above, lemon Fanta is far too sugar-laden nowadays, however help is at hand. Next time you or anyone you know visits Spain, search out Kas lemon. Exactly the right sweet-sharp balance!

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