Tanqueray no TEN

If you’d told me 17 months ago that starting this blog would one day result in me being sent a free bottle of , I would’ve laughed in your face and then punched you for putting such crazy, unachievable dreams into my head. Who’d be foolish enough to send me a free bottle of ? Surely I’d just drink it all in one go and then roam around the bars of London, waving the empty bottle and demanding martinis because I’m the Queen of Free .

Not according to trusting folks of Tanqueray, who’s PR actually courried me a bottle of gin across London on a Friday afternoon. That’s faith for you.

And they didn’t even send me a bottle of normal Tanqueray. They sent me a bottle of Tanqueray no TEN, their Super Premium brand that’s made in small batches to a secret recipe by hyper-focussed gin scientists working in harmony with the ebb and flow of the moon (that last part may not be true. I lost the press release they sent with the bottle, so I’m filling in the gaps).

Since the sleek green bottle arrived, it has entirely replaced my hot water bottle as the container of liquid I most like to hug at night. But I can only worship an unopened bottle of gin for so long. The seal had to be broken.

Day or night gin? At 47.3% this is an after midnight gin, for those times when you really don’t expect to do much after drinking it. If you can arrange for someone to put you to bed and ensure your vital organs keep working, so much the better for your gin drinking.

What does it smell of? It’s suspiciously subtle for a gin. There’s a faint whiff of Copydex, the scent that marks gin out from any other spirit, but mostly it’s very clean – chillily floral with a touch of green herbs.

What does it taste of? Given how delicate it smells, there’s a surprising amount going on in the glass. Lots of citrus – it’s quite grapefruity – and then a dash of sweet spice comes riding in at the last moment. Coriander and juniper give a last hurrah before collapsing into the warm burn of your friend and mine, alcohol. It also has a very thick texture, clinging onto the glass in oily rivulets. Chilled for a martini, I imagine the mouthfeel becomes dangerously seductive.

Buy it? Well if you’re me, you get it free, FREE FOR LIFE (that was the deal, right?). But if you have to pay, then it’s priced around £30 for 70cl (Oddbins seems to be cheapest at £27.99), putting it comfortably in the connoisseur’s class.

For some reason I keep imagining a ladies tea party as the perfect occasion to pour this out and if I was cocktail maker, then this is the gin I’d keep in my cabinet. It’s sweet for a gin and I want to shake it up with astringent fruit juices, pour it into tall glasses filled with crushed ice and top it off with a little umbrella and a cherry. I think it’s too smooth for a martini – I like a bit more challenge in my glass – but for sundowners in sparkly dresses, this would fit right in.

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  1. If by too smooth for a martini you’re alluring to the danger of knocking back several such cocktails in a dangerously short period of time, without realising, because it simply doesn’t taste like it could be 47.3% you’d be absolutely right. My cocktail making friend cracked open a bottle of this to celebrate after his hand-fasting last year. Needless to say the end of the evening dissolved into a blur. This has been one of my favourite gins ever since. Congrats on the free bottle, I am immensely jealous oh Queen of Free Gin!

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      That is exactly what I mean. I think chilled it would probably have a very moreish, silky texture and the spiciness would damp down, rounding out the sweetness. This would definitely lead to blurry evenings. I fear its power over me.

  2. Sally says:

    Bravo oh Queen of gin – sounds like you deserve the bottle! Seriously, a really entertaining product tasting post – usually they are as dull as ditchwater.

  3. Ino says:

    So, if you had to chose, Hendrick’s Martini or Tanqueray 10 Martini? That’s the big debate at ours.

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      I think I would actually go Tanqueray no TEN. Hendricks is a bit too green for a martini for me. For a gin and tonic in a pub garden in the summer yes, but it’s a bit too zesty for a martini – I like them rasping and full of depression. The T-10 doesn’t quite offer that, but the texture and smoothness would make up for it.

  4. SN 2 says:

    This is hilarious! Love the post!

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  6. Rahul says:

    How do u compare it to SipSmiths? I hear you on the smoothness. For a while I was a huge fan on the S for martinis but have been having second thoughts.

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      At the moment I am very keen on SipSmith for martinis. I think it’s a bit drier. Perhaps SipSmith martinis are a mania that take hold for a few months and then fade? I will put it to the test.

  7. AGSibley says:

    You jammy so and so, a free bottle of T10……., my favourite gin going free and not to me???! Certainly beats the best other offer I have found for T0 – which was 2 x 1 litre bottles for £35 in Heathrow T5 duty free – this somehow lead to me buying 6 bottles over the course of a couple of business trips 🙂
    Spot on review as always, i love the smoothness of T10 and combined with it’s monumental strength, I find it is the perfect martini gin (perhaps my perfect martinis are more about alcoholic endeavour, than rasping and full of depression?) and also an equally good G&T gin, when mixed with fevertree tonic for a subtle, citrusy and clean G&T

    @ Rahul @ Ino – is this leading to the perfect Martini debate? for what its worth, mine is: 10cl Tanqueray 10, one tear drop sized drip of Cinzano extra dry stirred with ice in a highball glass, then poured into a large martini glass containing a single Spanish green olive (as fresh as you can get it) Let me know your thoughts, so I can give them a go.

    • Ino says:

      My martinis are a bit unorthdox I’m afraid – not a big fan of the olive (even though I’m greek!). I do 4 parts Gin, 1 part Cinzano extra dry and some lemon peel. Sometimes a little squeeze too. I love the zing of lemon with the gin!

      • ginandcrumpets says:

        Now I do like an olive in my martini. I associate citrus peel with vodka cocktails – not that I’d turn down a martini with a twist in it, of course. I like my glass cold, a splash of vermouth rinsed round the glass and any excess poured away and then gin so cold you wouldn’t be surprised to find polar bears fishing in it. A tropical location to drink it in wouldn’t go amiss either.

        • Rahul says:

          I’m with Ino on this one. 4 parts Tanqueray export strength to 1 part Noilly Prat dry vermouth. Shaken over ice in a shaker. Garnish with a strip of lemon zest that is twisted to let the oils out. I got this from the Martin Miller gin/martini class and have enjoyed it ever since.

  8. if you have to be Queen of somthing it’s good to choose Gin. I curtsey before you Queen of (free) Gin.

  9. Laura mercier says:

    A Jassy, it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and I’ve an hour of work left but all I want to do is put my little pink Crocs up and drink gin!!!! Love the review!!!

  10. curlywurlyfi says:

    Awesomes. I am deadly jealous of The Gift Of Gin – esp T10 which is the gin of the gods (after Junipero. O, and Citadelle.) And while the occasional cucumbery Hendricks martini is OK now + again, especially in summer, I tend to agree: martinis need to be raspy + poky. Smooth gin in a martini is curiously oily + feels a bit sinister.

  11. Crikey you really do know your gin!
    Like your martini recipe too that’s how I like mine,never with lemon.

  12. oxfordfood says:

    Free gin?! Sounds like the start of something good…I think free crumpets is the logical next step!

  13. Helen says:

    I think you were born to write about gin.

  14. ginandcrumpets says:

    @curlywurlyfi You have just listed 3 more gins for me to try. Honestly, it’s an endless task all this gin tasting.

    @Northern Snippet Glad you approve!

    @oxfordfood Free crumpets and free gin is the dream. I have my fingers crossed.

    @Helen And to drink it, too. Never forget the drinking it.

  15. The Grubworm says:

    Oooh, nice write up – it almost makes me want to quaff a glass of it neat (and while I love the stuff in cocktails, a neat – in any senses of the word – gin drinker I am not). Could this be the one to convert me in the same way The Macallan did on whisky all those years ago?

  16. Oh the sweet allure of number 10. You write about its charms so well. The saddest day was when I came home to find a houseguest had drank most of ours with juice, out of a plastic cup. Needless to say, we haven’t invited that guest back in a while.

  17. ginandcrumpets says:

    @The Grubworm It could be. It could be.

    @Tori That house guest was very bad. Very, very bad. With juice out of a plastic cup – I can’t believe it!

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  19. Lord Lamb says:

    Tab 10. Absolutely exquisite!!

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