Sipsmith Dry Gin

Sometimes, when I’m laid on the sofa watching Murder, She Wrote with a gin and tonic positioned just close enough to my face that I barely even need to tremble my lips in order to suck up the booze, I wonder to myself: “Is this it? Is this what my life has amounted to?”

It takes a while for my neurotransmitters to fire up, but eventually they get going and I answer the question with a: “Yes. Slumping your flesh on a heap of quaking Swedish flatpack furniture, staring at a woman in a thick knit and fisherman’s hat labouriously wade her way through a business quarrel that’s got out of hand while you numb your soul with distilled spirits and quinine is the Mount Atlas of your existence. Good, isn’t it?”

Depending on the gin, sometimes it’s very good indeed.

Day or night gin? It’s 41.6%, so I classify this as a night gin (also suitable for drinking while watching afternoon crime drama marathons).

What does it smell of? If petrol were a perfume, it would smell like this. A caressingly gentle whiff of citrus and bark with a green, spicy note. The man of my dreams would splash this on like aftershave.

What does it taste of? Like a savoury summer garden. There’s a piney bite of juniper, a sweet splash of angelica and a tingling mash of spices that lingers long after the gin has disappeared down my gullet. Sipmsith is my favourite gin for a martini precisely because of this smooth wash of flavours. When it tastes this nice, I can’t see why you’d both mixing it with tonic.

Buy it? Absolutely. No mater how many gins I try, none of them ever dislodges Sipsmith from my top three gins of all time. You can buy it directly from Sipsmith for £27.49 or Majestic sell it for £25 and free delivery.

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12 Responses to Gin tasting: Sipsmith London Dry Gin

  1. Tabitha says:

    Thank God you said yes, because two fingers and the telly sums up my life too and I can’t wait to get my cosy on and do more of it come autumn.
    I’ve barely tasted gin – your eyes are probably rolling in your head now but I must say I’m tempted and may indeed order a gin and something next time I’m in a bar.

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      Ah, gin is a path I deliberately set out on at university out of sheer contrariness. Everyone else drank vodka and cranberry. I, determined to be different, opted for gin and tonic. Of course, if I’d know how habit forming it was… I’d still do exactly the same thing. Must be time for some crime drama and a martini right now, now I come to think about it.

  2. roswensian says:

    Sipsmith is my all time favourite gin. I love it but I have never described it as elegantly as you have – You are a Sipsmith Wordsmith.

  3. Rahul says:

    Missed your gin posts!! Though I have lost my love for Simpsmith’s and have retreated to the comforting fog of Tanqueray Export Strength at 47.3%.

  4. amanda says:

    not a gin fan, but willing to give it a go on the quality of the review you are indeed a wordsmith.

  5. ginandcrumpets says:

    @roswensian Ah, blush, Thank you.

    @Rahul Oof, export Strength is a good thing. One of the main reasons to go on holiday! And I do like Tanqueray. Might put that on my summer holiday shopping list.

    @amanada If I convert just you to gin, then all my work here will have been worthwhile 🙂

  6. Sipsmith gin is a glorious thing – elegant and refined, just like this eloquent post 🙂

  7. Ailsa says:

    I love sipsmith. I’ve actually managed to eke out my christmas bottle until now – there’s one emergency drink left in it.

  8. DJ says:

    Ooooh … maybe the next bottle has to be Sipsmith then! Have tried it in a bar, but with tonic, so it’s stand out qualities didn’t really survive the quinine and haze of previous booze … but maybe at home I will be more discriminating (well, you can always dream!)

  9. dry skin tips…

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