Lidl Club Dry Gin
Club Dry

I’m not a proud woman – a gin drinker can’t afford to be. We all have to plan for the day when the money and friends are gone and we’re reduced to drinking Old Spice with some juniper berries crushed into it. With that future in mind, I’ve been to Lidl and picked up a bottle of their slightly fancier gin. I want to know what tomorrow will taste like.

Day or night gin? It’s 37.5%, so it’s a day gin but, like the Asda Smart Price Gin, people will notice that you’ve been drinking by your rancid gin breath.

What does it smell of? It smells of fish. Why does it smell of fish? Who put the fish in the gin and why did you do it, you crazy sons of bitches?

Really, it smells like Copydex. There’s also a hint of nail polish remover.

How does it taste? Not of fish, which is a relief. It’s very, very citrussy. Cool and sharp with limes, a tingling burn on the tip of the tongue and a warm, spicy juniper berry finish. Given how awful it smells, it’s actually quite nice. So why does it smell of fish, for the love of god?

Buy it? Meh. It’s £7.50 for 70cl, which is cheap but given that you can get the sweet, creamy deliciousness of Juniper Green for £2 more, I can’t see why you’d bother.

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  1. martodonnell says:

    Hate to say it but its become my go-to gin for cocktails.

    Terrific blog, brilliantly written. Well done.

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