Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin
Juniper Green Organic London Dry

A couple of months ago Mr B announced that he had found the perfect gin and tonic gin. He regularly makes announcements and they’re not always to be trusted, but this was one I couldn’t ignore. So we tried several of these best-in-the-world G&Ts and they were really good. Light, refreshing, zesty and generously measured. The name of the gin? I can’t remember – damn those generous measures – but I vaguely recalled the look of the bottle.

At the Real Food Festival I saw Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin and thought: ‘That looks familiar. I think that’s Mr B’s super gin.’ Mum and I tried it, it was good and my mum, who needs little persuading when it comes to investing in gin, bought a bottle. I, for some reason more interested in buying pickles that day, didn’t.

But when I was in Asda buying the evil Smartprice brew I spied it on the shelves. The world’s first organic London Dry Gin (according to their website) in Asda! For less than a tenner! Whether or not it was the super gin, I had to buy it.

Day or night gin? It’s 37.5%, so it’s a day gin.

Smell? Zesty and floral, which is exciting. It still has the reassuring tang of hairspray and nail polish remover that catches in the back of your throat and confirms that you are, indeed, drinking gin, but it’s pretty delicate with just a hint of spice.

How does it taste? Lovely oily mouthfeel and plenty of spice, but smooth and with a sweet aftertaste – roses, I think. Mixed with tonic, this would be pretty close to being the perfect G&T.

Buy it? Yes, it’s gorgeous. I don’t know whether it is the best-in-the-world gin I tasted all those months ago (if it isn’t, I’m sure Mr B will let me know and I’ll try the right one) but it’s the best gin I have tasted this summer.

Postcript: Mr B has confirmed that this is his best-in-the-world gin. Glad to see I am not senile yet.

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9 Responses to Gin tasting: Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin

  1. Di says:

    I once got a free gin and tonic on condition of telling the bar what I thought of the gin (thank you Barrio – best beloved bar now too far away!) It was pretty nice – but I think it was from New Zealand (not really a famous home of gin?)

    Might have to try this one though, specially at under a tenner! Have a bit of a gin backlog at home though, so should probably get through that first … *sigh*

  2. ginandcrumpets says:

    New Zealand gin? There could be a world tour in this.

    But what you clearly need to do, Di, is drink more negronis. It’s the fastest way to solve any gin lake.

  3. Di says:

    But much of the gin is too good to “waste” on Negroni … and although I know I should drink a lovely grown up gin and tonic when I get home from a hard day at the office, I am generally more tempted by an 80s throw-back Campari-soda (probably largely responsible for the gin lake in the first place!) Negronis, while lovely (and even satisfying my campari fetish), are probably not best on a school-night…

    However, I think your item has inspired me. No more Campari … bring on the gin!

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      Don’t be too hasty to say goodbye to the campari, Di. Leonard has found us somewhere to go for campari and prosecco cocktails. And I am determined to have a negroni off – maker of the least worst negroni wins. You may be invited to be a competitor.

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