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If you haven’t already noticed, it’s nearly Christmas (no really, it is. You should do some shopping). And because it’s Christmas, gin is on special offer. There is obviously something about the season of glad tidings and joy that makes people get through gin faster than usual.

It could be that there are a lot more parties and people are coming together to raise happy, brimming glasses of gin and tonic in celebration. Or perhaps it’s the prospect of doing the main food shop at 3am in Asda to beat the crowds, only to discover that the crowds are still there, that makes us abandon the tumbler in favour of the pint glass.

One of the first gins to benefit from the discounter’s cuts is always Gordon’s. First distilled in Clerkenwell in the 18th century, it’s the London gin that every gin drinker in the world will consume most of in their short, confused lives. It’s the house gin in pubs and bars, the drink’s cabinet standby, a green glass raft of stability in an ever-changing world. But is it actually any good? Let us see.

Day or night gin? As if you need to ask. In the 1990s it famously reduced its ABV to 37.5%, so it’s a day gin.

Smell? A strong, brutal whiff of nail polish remover that catches in the back of your throat followed by, er, nothing. There is the faintest hint of citrus and blossom but it’s as if the gin is embarrassed at being noticed and goes quiet.

How does it taste? Mouth-burningly large quantities of juniper and, at first, I  think lime. But then, after a couple of mouthfuls, it blends to a smooth, soothing creaminess and this is why it’s such a successful gin. It’s the definition of easy drinking. Soft and gentle, it gathers you up in it’s blandness and ensures you get much drunker than you intended because it’s so darn easy to swallow.

Buy it? Well, your drinks cabinet would look a little naked without it. But I’d bring it out for parties, keeping the more interesting stuff for my secret binges. Because if you’re drinking boutique, your drinking can’t be a problem.

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