Blackwoods 2012
Did you forget to send your World Day cards?

It’s World Gin Day, a magical 24 hours when juniper-sniffing, booze-sodden dipsomaniacs can gather together to laugh, hug and weep out their affection for all things gin. I plan to spend the day in a bathtub of gin, tenuously claiming it’s for charity but in reality just enjoying some full gin immersion therapy.

World Gin Day also seems like a good time to crack open a bottle of the clear stuff and put it through the rigorous and scientific review procedure that is me sitting on my sofa, drinking neat gin and trying not to fall asleep during Miss Marple. The bottle that will soon be rolling emptily away from my slack, lifeless hand is Blackwoods 2012 Vintage Dry Gin, sent to me by a kind gin PR fairy. I do so love an enabler.

Day or night gin? It’s 40% ABV, which means this is a gin that will happily keep you company during those long Scottish summer nights. Although, apparently there’s a 60% ABV version, which would definitely help you pass the hours while you wait for the sun to give in and collapse below the horizon.

What does it smell of? A little like mentholated hairspray, which is better than it sounds. Or maybe I am drinking too much. Anyway, it’s a breezy mix of citrus, herbaceous borders and fish bones.

What does it taste of? This is a gin with a lovely mouthfeel. If gin was made out of silk rather than gin, all gins would slide round your gums like Blackwoods does. It is a physical pleasure to drink (and opening up the bottle is a delight too – the stopper pulls out with a really pleasing thunk). It’s quite spicy, with plenty of coriander balanced out by a floral sweetness. It leaves a little warm glow behind itself that gently nudges you into drinking more. This is a clever gin. The next generation of gin. I worry it will become self-aware and initiate a nuclear holocaust. Not sure how, but if you’re even a little involved in making weapons or pushing big red buttons, then you shouldn’t be allowed near Blackwoods 2012.

Buy it? Blackwoods 2012 is around £20-22 and you can buy it from all our favourite online stores, as well as in supermarkets and off licenses. The flavour of the gin changes every year, depending on the botanicals they pick, so buying it year after year would be a regular adventure in gin drinking excitement. For some reason I had expected not to like Blackwoods, but the more I tried the keener I became. Which means it’s either delicious or I’m drunk. You decide which is more likely. 

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