Asda Smartprice Dry GIn
Smartprice Dry

Just  in case you were wondering how cheap the gin for the Rhubarb gin should be, I went this cheap. At £6.98 for 70cl, I don’t think it’s possible to go cheaper, not even at Lidl.

Anyway, I bought it to make the Rhubarb gin but being an inquisitive sort I decided to try it. Beneath the green and white label there could be a pool of palatable booze that would do for the days before pay day or for parties with people I don’t like. I am a dreamer like that.

Day or night gin? At 37.5% it falls into the day gin category, except that it smells so strongly of GIN that there’s no way you could have one at lunch without spending the afternoon gassing people to death every time you spoke. You also wouldn’t be able to taste your lunch because your mouth would have packed up and left you for someone who will treat it right.

So what does it smell of? GIN. GIIIIIIIIIIIIN. Or, to be specific, citrus fruits, cardamom and hairspray.

How does it taste? It burns! It burns! It really does. I think I must have gone soft in my nascent middle age because it’s a long time since I’ve drunk something that tastes so strongly of alcohol and so little of pleasure. It makes me sad, which only goes to prove that it is gin.

Buy it? Yes, to make Rhubarb gin. Or any other flavoured gin. Treat it like a highly flammable starting point, shovel in plenty of flavours and sugar and then let the magic happen. Making a simple liqueur should mean turning an eye-watering base spirit into something even Nanas would love. Asda Smartprice Dry Gin: know your calling.

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3 Responses to Gin tasting: Asda Smartprice Dry Gin

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  3. Andy says:

    We spent two weeks of my masters course back in ’98 testing gins and tonics. Blind tasting, identical mixes, one week on gins, one week on tonics. Asda’s own was one of the gins tested, and we basically couldn’t tell the difference once it was mixed – even Plymouth and Bombay Sapphire didn’t stand out, only the 47% Tanqueray was head and shoulders above the pack. Spent the rest of the year offering guests a ridiculously large choice of gins for their pre-dinner drinks, and then eventually Asda gin served up in more expensive bottles 🙂

    Don’t think I’d want an Asda martini of course…

    FYI Schweppes won the tonic week tasting, with Co-op’s own brand a good second.

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