Reading things online is fun, isn’t it? The screen’s flickering, hypnotic light dazzles and beguiles you while you scan the words and if you get bored half way through you can open up another screen and watch a kitten punch itself in the face.

Reading stuff on paper in normal magazines is not nearly as good – there’s no hilarious cat violence for a start. Or dogs in hats (unless you bought a specialist publication). But perhaps I can tempt you with the new issue of Fancy, which features a marvellous feature by me on the history of in Britain.

If the prospect of spaghetti trees and Anna Del Conte isn’t enough for you, there’s also rather nice ice cream recipes, biscuits from Peyton and Burne’s British Baking book and a step-by-step guide to making ravioli. A mere 99p, you can buy it in Julian Graves’ stores across the UK.

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