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“Do you want to do a with me?” Naomi asked and wobbled slightly on her stool. We were out for dinner with friends and had enjoyed pre-going out glasses of white wine, pre-dinner glasses of prosecco and then a few glasses of dinner wine, which had come in a nice, big 1 litre jug. My normal answer would be: “Oh God, no! The stress! The fear! The panic!” But, flushed with the confidence and sheer optimism that you only get with wine, I said: “That’s a brilliant idea!” Then I had more wine.

Our supper club is, loosely speaking, an English one. It’s part of a series of supper clubs that celebrate ’s diversity. Organised by Darjeeling Express’s Asma Khan#mylondonsupperlcubs are a post-Brexit yelp of joy that honours the rich mix of people and cultures in London today. There are evenings devoted to Malaysian, Australian, Indian, Czech, Mauritian, Nigerian, Filipino and Cantonese/Singaporean food. The last one, SG x HK Xiao Chi Dian, is next Saturday and is one I am especially looking forward to.

Naomi and I are going to be cooking on the 7th September at 68 and Boston in Soho. There are, God help us, four courses in our menu. Delicious salads to start with, because it’s very important that you eat your veg.

The main course is kind of a cross between Singapore chilli and moules marinière. It was inspired by the Singapore chilli I ate at Rick Stein’s restaurant in Padstow. I thought there must be an English way to make something similar. So obviously I had a look at what France was doing, and then co-opted French and Singaporean cooking techniques to make something I’m calling English. It’s all part of the imperial tradition and means you’ll get bowls of crab cooked with cream, cider and garden herbs. AND CHIPS. Pudding is make your own Eton mess. Then there’s cheese with spiced plum chutney, which is maturing right now.

You can find details of all the supper clubs here and if you would like to book tickets for our supper club, then click here. Tickets are £36 per person and cover the food. Drinks are available at the bar.

We promise it will be fun.

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  1. That sounds amazing! Unfortunately I already have plans for that night. But maybe the Indian/Czech fusion night!

  2. […] did it: Naomi and I hosted a supper club for 30 people at 68 and Boston and everyone got fed. In fact, they got fed quite a lot. Four courses, starting […]

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