Hot cross buns

We are days away from a glorious, four-day long bank holiday and how else would you want to spend it than in your kitchen things? I mean, realistically, the sun isn’t going to shine, so you may as well get the flour, sugar and butter in and plan to snuggle up next to your oven, turning out cake after bun after cake.

Good Friday clearly requires hot cross buns, warm from the oven and dripping with butter. For a classic hot cross bun recipe, stuffed with raisins, mixed spice and ginger, click here. If you are a slave to novelty, then these chocolate and orange hot cross buns could be the semi-religious yeasted bread product your heart is longing for.

And if you’d like something new, but can’t countenance anything as sacrilegious as in a hot cross bun, try a hot cross bun loaf. All the usual flavours and ingredients, but in a modern loaf format. Use it as the base for cheese on toast. Blindingly good, I promise you.

Chocolate nests

Once Good Friday has been toasted and buttered, there’s the problem of Easter itself. You have two traditional cake choices: the chocolate Easter nest or the Simnel cake (if you haven’t already made one for Mothering Sunday. Or if you have and just want another one).

The benefit of chocolate Eaater nests is that you can use the excuse of keeping The Children entertained as a reason to make them. Even if you don’t have any. Click here for an easy recipe. If you’d prefer to load up on marzipan and dried fruit, click here for the Simnel cake recipe. Happy Easter baking.

Simnel cake
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  1. Loved your photos and your site! The picture of the hot cross buns on top is one of the best I’ve seen. I’ll have to try out your recipe!

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