So, the food blogging shoe is finally on the other foot. After a couple of years of offering my opinion on other people’s cafes, restaurants and bars I’m finally pulling on some whites and going to work in a kitchen. The I’ll be pouring my newly minted chef’s heart into is The Dish & The Spoon in (61 Cheltenham Road, to be precise).

The Dish’s arrival in South East is down to Shona Chambers (@sathlondonshona on Twitter), who found herself in need of a family-friendly cafe after the birth of her son. Being a go-getting sort of a woman, she decided to open one up herself rather than wait around for someone else to supply her quality caffeine and cake needs.

The Dish is going to open in May. I’m not going to jinx the building works by giving a specific date. Let’s just say May and hope we don’t suddenly unearth a site of archeological or ecological importance while refitting the kitchen. We’ll be open Tuesday to Sunday, 7.30am to 4pm most days (later opening and closing on the weekends, full details on The Dish’s Facebook page).

Shona takes her hot beverages very seriously, so the coffee will be from South London coffee fanatics Dark Fluid and the tea from Tregothnan. The food is to going to roam happily through Britain’s lush fields, orchards, dairies and farms and then skip abroad to roll around in lovely spices. Expect munchy salads, aromatic soups, tarts in buttery pastry cases and sandwiches themed around ham and cheese (ham and cheese is the king of sandwiches). And obviously there will be cake. Lots and lots of lovely cake.

I’ll blog more as we get closer to opening, but you can get regular updates from The Dish’s Twitter feed @DishSE15. Keep an eye my Twitter feed @ginandcrumpets for pics of The Dish’s, er, dishes as I finesse them before opening day.


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4 Responses to The Dish & The Spoon, Nunhead

  1. I can’t wait to eat there! Im in the States at the moment in Berkeley, where Chez Pannise was founded. Right where Chez Panise is, is called the Gourmet Ghetto where all the best food is located (amazing cheese, pizza etc). I feel like that should be Peckhams new name! (In the best possible way of course.. I love Peckham/ Nunhead etc).

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      The Gourmet Ghetto – damn, that would make a great blog name! Look forward to having you come in when we open.

  2. s says:

    fantastic- really pleased for you- wishing you loads of luck. x s

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