Chicken with mushrooms and rosemary

Readers, I burnt the potatoes.

I knew that it’d be the simple things that’d fox me at . The things that you stick in a pan or leave in the oven and then slap on a plate at home. Potatoes, rice, pasta – the damn soda bread. And so it came to pass.

To make boiled potatoes (with their skins on) the Ballymaloe way, you scrub them, boil them for about 15 minutes in salty water, then drain, leaving some water in the pan, return to a low heat and steam until tender. Easy, right? But do you know which element of that I forgot about? Returning the pan to a low heat. I stuck it over my largest hob and carefully steamed all the water out of the pan until it began to blacken and look like a washing up nightmare.

Cue Darina coming into the demo kitchen and saying: “What’s burning? It smells like burnt potatoes.” By then I knew what I’d done and I had to put up my hand and I admit that I was the student who burnt the boiled potatoes. “Never mind! It happens to everyone!” My teacher took a similarly sympathetic view and we decided to draw a veil over the entire episode.

Sweet chilli chicken wings

Darina also caught me out when I was cooking the sweet chilli chicken wings. The morning hadn’t gone to plan – my order of work said “Joint chicken” at 9am, we jointed it at 10am. And I hadn’t factored in segmenting grapefruits at all. So I was running very late (eventually plating up my food at 12.30pm, a full hour after tasting is supposed to take place) and I was a bit panicked. I grabbed the first large baking tray I could see, slapped the sweet chilli chicken wings on it and stuck them in the oven.

Darina reappeared just as I was hauling them out and sloshing soy sauce over everything. Waste is the one thing we do not countenance at Ballymaloe and I was pouring out soy sauce like it was rain water. The students were gathered round so they could see what I’d done – used the wrong size baking tray, which meant too much soy sauce was being used and getting burnt on the tray.

The nice thing about Darina is she always says: “Now this is a good example of….” so you feel less like a cretin and more like a useful demonstration. A boon to cookery students and lessons everywhere. Nevertheless, I switched my chicken thighs to a smaller baking tray pretty damn fast.

The result was some sticky-good chicken wings, alongside a plate of chicken breasts with mushrooms and rosemary (nice) and melted spring onions (tasty, but cold). A week and a half into Ballymaloe and I think I’m beginning to establish that my future doesn’t lie in a busy restaurant as part of a brigade.

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  1. I can’t believe you’re doing the Ballymaloe course! I am *madly* jealous – I have wanted to do that course for years and years, but now that I’m married to a vegetarian it seems a bit pointless (should have done it before breeding, too).

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      I am eating and making a surprisingly large amount of vegetables/vegetable dishes, but it’s safe to say this isn’t a vegetarian course. Any veggies have to come in and make their own stock in the morning as punishment for being so foolish. And if you’re not the vegetarian one, then…

      Plus there are several people here with children, including one woman who has bought her 18 month old twins with her. There’s a child minder in Ballycotton introducing them to the seaside and the countryside while she cooks all day.

      Come and join our gang.

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  3. Sue says:

    Funny burning potatoes you’ll never do it again now.

    • ginandcrumpets says:

      No, I will never do that again (fingers crossed). And as Darina says, it’s not doing something wrong, it’s a learning opportunity *cough*

  4. Re: Sarah @natural history comment. Yeah. I might have dreamt of doing this before breeding. How simple my life was then. But as they say, youth is wasted on people without children.

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