Chocolate wedding cake
wedding cake

A few days ago Housemate Number 3 asked me what my favourite type of cooking was. ‘,’ was my immediate answer. And after ? ‘Er, pastry.’ And after that? ‘Probably back to .’

My fondness for baking has meant that some of my friends have unwisely entrusted the baking of their wedding to me. I say unwisely because, although I am a good baker and make pretty damn tasty , I am also the world’s worst icer. My attempts at piping looks like someone has sneezed royal icing all over the room, my rolled fondant icing comes with tiny bits of hair and dust embedded in it and my cake stacks have a strong element of wobble to them. But on the whole, I persist and everyone very kindly pretends that the cake isn’t skewiff.

This weekend two good friends, now Mr and Mrs R, indulged me and I baked them a stack of chocolate cakes. The recipe I used was Jane Hornby’s Rich Dark Chocolate Cake from the BBC Good Food magazine. I made double the quantity to make a 15cm, a 20cm and a 30cm cake. I filled it until it bulged with one and a half times the quantity of chocolate butter cream described here, and iced it with 4kg fondant icing. Chucking sugar at the problem usually works and these cakes were delicious. If you’re a remotely more competent icer then me, they’ll also look pretty good.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs R ā€“ I hope you’ll always be as happy, funny and make-us-all-cry-with-emotion in love as you were on your wedding day.

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  1. Mr and Mrs R says:

    We can confirm that it was the tastiest wedding cake ever to pass our lips, raved about by all our guests… and beautifully iced!

    The new Mr and Mrs R šŸ˜‰


  2. ginandcrumpets says:

    I was going to write *blushes* but then I realised that, as I posted a blog about baking your cake and basically roamed around the internet demanding people take a look and praise me, that would be false modesty. Glad it went down well though!

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