Pancake Day, the perfect day to get down with your Eastern European Jewish side and make some cheese blintzes. Don’t believe me? Then take yourself over to Aol lifestyle where I’ve posted a recipe for these delicate Polish stuffed full of sweet cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Then I stuck on top because I bought 4 kilos of it, so it’s going in everything. Click here for the recipe.

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2 Responses to Cheese blintzes for Aol lifestyle

  1. Theldry says:

    I’m looking forward to more ninja rhubarb recipe attacks! Rhubarb Wellington, Rhubarb in the Hole, the world is your oyster, umm… Rhubarb Rockefeller?

    I hadn’t heard of blintzes but you’ve convinced me that a pancake stuffed with tonnes of cheese is right up my alley. Ta, Jassy.

  2. James Brewer says:

    Interesting putting sweet cheese in them, and with rhubarb! I have yet to try Rhubarb, I really need to. Looking for different ideas for Pancake Day, and this is up there with the ones to try!

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