Genova isn’t a conventional choice for a minibreak. A grubby port city whose glory days slipped past sometime in the 14th century, Genova funnels squeaky-suited business travellers and cruise ship escapees through its narrow alleyways, but rarely hosts holiday-makers who simply can’t leave Italy without seeing the home of pesto.

Their absence […]

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Lunch at the Nordic Bakery

Decorated in shades of grey undoubtedly called things like ‘Gun Barrel Metal’ and ‘Suicidal Mist’, the Nordic Bakery in Marylebone offers West Londoners somewhere stylish to go when they want to sit and stare existentially into the distance over a nice, sticky bun.

It’s the second […]

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Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

On December 20, 2010 By

Roast lamb for two

When I came back from Ballymaloe in July, I was a homeless little hobo. Or I would’ve been if it wasn’t for the generosity of Leonard, The Enigmatic Mr S and Mr B. They gave me a room of my own and, 6 weeks later, when it became […]

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Back to Fernandez and Leluu

Fernandez & Leluu was one of the first supper clubs I went to last year and it’s where I learned my supper club skills. I was tutored in the importance of keeping hold of your cutlery, instructed in the art of dining […]

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Pots of tea

Sister Number 2’s birthday falls just before Hallowe’en, which means that every year it’s marked by a deluge of zombies, witches’ hats, cobweb cakes and games that involve half-drowning your party guests. I’m sure she’s delighted by this – who wouldn’t enjoy their birthday being continually linked with a […]

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Motorbike flowerpot

Maya Garden Restaurant, 17 Uzun Cars?, Kas
You would think after second helpings of moussaka and dolmades at lunch I’d want a nice, light dinner – or maybe even no dinner at all. If you do think that, then you don’t know me very well. What I wanted […]

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Turkish tea

Kas, nestled in one of Turkey’s more southerly bulges, is the sort of place that brochures optimistically describe as an ‘unspoilt fishing village,’ a description that’s in nodding acquaintanceship with the truth when it come to Kas. It’s a charming white-walls-and-olive-trees kind of place, crawling with sharp-eyed cats […]

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Cardamom bun at Café Frankfurt

A week ago, the builders who are refitting the restaurant below my flat carefully cut through the telephone cable, denying my access to The Internet. Fortunately, a man in a day-glo yellow tabard came riding to my rescue and relaid the cable, giving me back […]

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Elk burger

The second rule of holiday eating – after “always obsessively research your eating out options and refuse to deviate from them for fear of looking like a fool who will pay well over the odds for a unpalatable plate of slurry” – is: If you must depart from your carefully planned […]

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The great romantic myth of holiday-making is The Little Local Restaurant. The dark doorway that leads through to a room packed with rough-hewn tables, slightly uncomfortable chairs and rustic locals all decoratively chowing down on delicious specialities you’ll never find outside of that town. Tumblers of wine, baskets of […]

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