Bread at homeMade cafe

On every holiday there is a bar or cafe that you adopt as your home from the strange, alien world you have travelled miles to explore. A little safe haven that strikes a chord of familiarity, where you can retreat when you’re tired of […]

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Leonard’s bag sat on its own stool at Cafe Pushkin

Cafe Pushkin serves the hautest of haute Russian cuisine to tourists, businessmen, unimaginative husbands who forgot their wives’ birthdays and parties that like to celebrate in a dignified, hushed, expensive sort of a way. We went there because […]

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Worst pizza ever

Killing Italian cuisine and salting its grave since 1956, Sbarro is one of the few options available to hungry tourists racing between attractions around Red Square. We’d spent a highly cultural morning peering at Lenin in his brutalist marble crypt and then gazing […]

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Azeri tea

DJ, Leonard and I are standing on a Moscow underground platform and we’re lathered in sweat. The weather predictions for our holiday had ranged from -4 to 26C and thinking that it’s better to be too hot than too cold, we packed for an Arctic Winter. We arrived  to a […]

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Gone on holiday

On September 24, 2009 By

Back in a week

This weekend I am getting on a jet plane and flying to off to exotic foreign parts. I’ll try to blog as I go but there will be less posts than usual and they will all be about the things I have eaten on […]

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A table full of starters

In my mind, the Barbican is a concrete citadel, its blank walls occasionally broken by doorways that lead to wine bars offering Mediterranean platters for 2. It’s a place of culture but a desert of cuisine.

I was going to breach this arts castle for […]

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Boiled egg and dippy soldiers

Last week Brunch Club had one of its irregular outings and we took it to Ginger and White in Hampstead, where Leonard, Tor and I subjected darkest North London’s food offerings to our steely South London gaze.

Ginger and White is a British coffee […]

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Silk Road, Camberwell

On September 10, 2009 By

Big plate chicken

Don’t you just hate it when famous restaurant reviewers go to your favourite restaurant, give it a positive review and thereby ensure you’ll never be able to get a table there ever again? Alerted to Jay Rayner’s review by @londoneating on […]

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Hayling is just like Hawaii

Until recently, the Inn on the Beach was Hayling Island’s Thunderdome. A place for late night drinking and a fight on the shingle. But new owners have taken it over, given it a lick of paint and there is ambitious talk of a fish […]

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Noah’s Ark Inn

The Gin and Crumpets family is a family devoted to gin, crumpets and walking. Since the first walk appeared in our local newspaper, Sundays have been spent getting lost in the countryside. My parents have extended this to getting lost on walking holidays, while I have shared […]

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