Blaggers’ goody bags  On the 15th November Hawksmoor opened their doors, apparently without fear, and welcomed in a bunch of food bloggers so they could cook and serve a feast of entirely blagged food to raise money for Action Against Hunger. Madness on their part, […]

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Blaggers’ Banquet

The Blaggers’ Banquet tickets have gone on sale! They are available from ebay and you can buy tables of two for £150 or bid on tables of two, starting price £75. There is also a table for five available at £375.

The […]

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Mixed terrines

Food bloggers, you will be shocked to learn, have a reputation for blagging. For stuffing their pockets with free olives and biscuits at launches, troughing freebies and then never quite getting round to reviewing them and demanding extras at restaurants because they are special. This is a terrible scandal and something […]

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A table full of starters

In my mind, the Barbican is a concrete citadel, its blank walls occasionally broken by doorways that lead to wine bars offering Mediterranean platters for 2. It’s a place of culture but a desert of cuisine.

I was going to breach this arts castle for […]

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Boiled egg and dippy soldiers

Last week Brunch Club had one of its irregular outings and we took it to Ginger and White in Hampstead, where Leonard, Tor and I subjected darkest North London’s food offerings to our steely South London gaze.

Ginger and White is a British coffee […]

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Silk Road, Camberwell

On September 10, 2009 By

Big plate chicken

Don’t you just hate it when famous restaurant reviewers go to your favourite restaurant, give it a positive review and thereby ensure you’ll never be able to get a table there ever again? Alerted to Jay Rayner’s review by @londoneating on […]

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Noah’s Ark Inn

The Gin and Crumpets family is a family devoted to gin, crumpets and walking. Since the first walk appeared in our local newspaper, Sundays have been spent getting lost in the countryside. My parents have extended this to getting lost on walking holidays, while I have shared […]

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Frank’s Campari Bar

After falling in love with Frank’s on my last visit I finally managed to organise a return trip to eat my way through the menu with A and J and Housemate Number 3. I arrived early, as is my want, a settled down for a sneaky […]

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Waterstones’ board of meat

Last Sunday Ma and Pa Gin and Crumpets came to London for their irregular trip to the Royal Academy’s  Summer Show. I love the Summer Show. Firstly, because all the art has prices. Art without prices makes you ask yourself questions […]

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FM Mangal

The kebab shop. It’s a treasure, isn’t it? Open all hours dishing up food with levels of fat, salt and spice powerful enough to cut through all that befuddling alcohol and really let you enjoy your meal, no matter how much your brain has tried to disengage from […]

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