Bellerina’s pint

Last year I put out an appeal on twitter for somewhere to eat near the Barbican. Food Urchin recommended the Fox and Anchor and as Bellerina and I like a pub, we settled in for a dinner of oysters, scotch egg and goose […]

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Byron, Soho

On March 7, 2010 By

Byron hamburger

Before I started food blogging, I didn’t think about hamburgers much. In the summer, when barbecue smoke is drifting from everyone’s balcony and back garden, I’d think about burgers. I’d imagine a burnt slab of mince in a bun with some ketchup, a can of lager and a fat hot dog […]

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Minted mutton with gratin potatoes, roasted carrots and greens

The natural home of the underground restaurant is North East London, in particular Hackney. There’s something about living rooms in Shoreditch, Daltson and Stoke Newington that suit mismatched wooden tables, charity shop dinner sets, folding chairs and fairy lights. Pop up […]

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Stargazy pie

When I saw that The Underground Restaurant was holding an evening based on Patrick O’Brian’s novels, featuring the finest dishes from the Royal Navy’s repertoire, I knew I had to go. Crusty, creamy fish pies, boiled puddings so dense they can double as canon […]

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Roast beef platter

At the end of 2009 Hix, Soho, was the big restaurant opening that had everyone in London who thinks with their stomachs talking and praising and slathering. I read, I wanted but I had Christmas presents to buy. So Hix went onto my list for January.

And I […]

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Sedap, Old Street

On January 27, 2010 By

Kerabu salad

The geography of the London in my mind and the London that really exists doesn’t always match up. When I think of Shoreditch and Old Street, I think of small, twisting streets; dark, leaning buildings held together with scaffolding; and a howling strip of traffic bulldozing its way through them. Restaurants […]

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Beetroot dip

In London’s grimly trendy East End there’s barely a shabby chic living room that hasn’t been filled with behatted and tight-trousered diners, eager to experience the illicit thrill of eating in a secret restaurant. The inverse ostentation of being in the know but keeping the details quiet made […]

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Afternoon tea at Brown’s

At 5pm on Saturday I was short a lot of Christmas presents and most of the food for our house’s Christmas party. But instead of weeping in the street, trying to garrote myself with tinsel, I went to Brown’s Hotel, sat in a […]

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Morning caffeine

A couple of weeks ago Leonard and I startled the staff of Mrs Marengo’s on Lexington Street by walking through the door at 8am. We were the only two women wandering the streets (unusual for Soho) and at that time of day it feels clean […]

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Tea and jam One of the prizes that attracted fevered, martini-fuelled bidding at the Blaggers’ Banquet auction was afternoon tea at The Hidden Tearoom. The gracious proprietress of The Hidden Tearoom, Lady Gray, was at the Banquet and her descriptions of the cake feast that awaited the […]

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