Rhubarb kir royales

There are two words that, when combined together, slap a smile on my face that cannot be scrubbed off, not even with Vanish. These words are “free” and “booze”.

Just before Easter they both appeared – in a more sophisticated guise – in an email from the PR representing ZTH, […]

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Lunch at the Nordic Bakery

Decorated in shades of grey undoubtedly called things like ‘Gun Barrel Metal’ and ‘Suicidal Mist’, the Nordic Bakery in Marylebone offers West Londoners somewhere stylish to go when they want to sit and stare existentially into the distance over a nice, sticky bun.

It’s the second […]

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Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

On December 20, 2010 By

Roast lamb for two

When I came back from Ballymaloe in July, I was a homeless little hobo. Or I would’ve been if it wasn’t for the generosity of Leonard, The Enigmatic Mr S and Mr B. They gave me a room of my own and, 6 weeks later, when it became […]

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Back to Fernandez and Leluu

Fernandez & Leluu was one of the first supper clubs I went to last year and it’s where I learned my supper club skills. I was tutored in the importance of keeping hold of your cutlery, instructed in the art of dining […]

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Pots of tea

Sister Number 2’s birthday falls just before Hallowe’en, which means that every year it’s marked by a deluge of zombies, witches’ hats, cobweb cakes and games that involve half-drowning your party guests. I’m sure she’s delighted by this – who wouldn’t enjoy their birthday being continually linked with a […]

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Breakfast tea

All my holidays begin the same way. There’s me, there’s the stuff I want to take on holiday with me and there’s my suitcase. We stay as far apart from each other as possible until approximately 20 minutes before I need to leave. Then I gather up my clothes and become […]

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Tiger burger and chips

For my last meal in London, I went to Camberwell. It has its own destination dining restaurant now – Angels & Gypsies – which is where I’d planned to go for dinner with Sister Number 1 and Ma and Pa Gin and Crumpets. So had […]

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Al Mirage, Tooting

On March 31, 2010 By

The best thing about leaving London, even for a few months, is the number of farewell drinks and meals you can have. 2 and a 1/2 weeks to go and I’m up to 6 farewell parties, with a few more ‘quick drinks’ to slot in around packing, sleeping and taking antacids.

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Around the world in Jewish food

I often have cravings for what I hazily think of as Middle Eastern food, a term I use to cover a culinary and geographic area stretching from Turkey through Syria, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and nibbling into North Africa and the ‘Stans at either […]

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Beer and wine

I have an excellent memory for birthdays. If it’s your birthday and I know you, you can be sure that I’ve bought you a birthday card and maybe even a thoughtful gift if we’ve known each other long enough. But you may not get the card and […]

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