Shall I say it? Alright, I’ll say it. Just one Cornetto! Give it to meeeee

A city of bridges and sighs, Venice is also home to the note. Taped to walls and windows, and written in underlined, over exclamation marked English, they yap instructions at the milling crowds. ‘No eating! […]

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Not L’Osteria dell’Acqusanta

The restaurant pictured above is not L’Osteria dell’Acquasanta. For many years Leonard and her family believed it was. True, it didn’t look anything like the picture on the website and if you put the address into Google the arrow pointed to the other end of town, but Acquasanta […]

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Genova isn’t a conventional choice for a minibreak. A grubby port city whose glory days slipped past sometime in the 14th century, Genova funnels squeaky-suited business travellers and cruise ship escapees through its narrow alleyways, but rarely hosts holiday-makers who simply can’t leave Italy without seeing the home of pesto.

Their absence […]

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