Salad with homemade salad creeam

Do you like salad? No, me neither. But the weather is warm and I’m obliged to eat it because sunshine and stew leads to heatstroke. To make salad palatable, you have to add fat. A shake of lemon juice and olive oil cheers up most leaves, but why […]

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Gluten free carrot cake

Got a problem with gluten but still want to bake a lovely cake that will have friends and family falling over themselves with praise and fighting over the final slice? Then you need to take yourself over to Aol Lifestyle, where you’ll find a simply splendid recipe for […]

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Victoria sponge cake

Insert tenuous tie-in with Royal Wedding here. Then go to Aol Lifestyle for a recipe for fluffy Victoria sponge cake stuffed with cream and jam. It’s very nice.

Edit: When Aol became Huffington Post some of my recipes vanished into the depths of the internet. If you’re after […]

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Marbled chocolate brownie

Are you surrounded by tin foil wrapping, torn cardboard boxes and little plastic bags that used to contain Buttons but are now empty apart from one cocoa-coloured smear? Still thinking to yourself that all that chocolate was nice, but what you really want is a little bit more? Then you […]

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Easter eggs

It’s not all about chocolate this Easter. There’s eggs, too. Lovely dyed eggs that you roll down a hill and then turn into egg mayonnaise once they’ve been smashed to bits. Find out how to dye eggs the earth mother way with onion skins and how to make proper, heart attack […]

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Rhubarb upside down cake

Like cake? Want more cake? Who doesn’t? Cake is a shortcut to happiness and the easiest way to bribe people into liking you.

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Nettle and spinach soup

Like foraging? Of course you do. It’s very fashionable. But what do you do with your foraged leaves once you’ve plucked them from a roadside verge and washed off the petrol? Why you turn them into Nettle and Spinach Soup (assuming that you’ve foraged nettle. If you’ve got something […]

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Buttermilk scones

It’s St Patrick’s Day! Planning to celebrate the small percentage of Irish blood that undoubtedly runs through your veins? Then pop on a novelty Guinness hat and Riverdance your way over to The Dabbler where you’ll find a recipe for Buttermilk Soda Bread Scones. Perfect with Ireland’s national drink (which is […]

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Pin a leek on and set your saucepan to simmer – it’s St David’s Day. In honour of Wale’s patron saint I’ve been cooking cawl for The Dabbler. Click here for the recipe.

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Mussels with bacon and cider

Looking for ways to woo your loved one this 14th February? Then head over to The Dabbler this weekend, where you’ll find a romantic meal for two stuffed full of aphrodisiacs that are guaranteed to set your lovers loins aflame. Possibly. Mussels with Bacon and Cider […]

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