Victoria sponge cake

Insert tenuous tie-in with Royal Wedding here. Then go to Aol Lifestyle for a recipe for fluffy Victoria sponge cake stuffed with cream and jam. It’s very nice.

Edit: When Aol became Huffington Post some of my recipes vanished into the depths of the internet. If you’re after […]

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Marbled chocolate brownie

Are you surrounded by tin foil wrapping, torn cardboard boxes and little plastic bags that used to contain Buttons but are now empty apart from one cocoa-coloured smear? Still thinking to yourself that all that chocolate was nice, but what you really want is a little bit more? Then you […]

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Rhubarb upside down cake

Like cake? Want more cake? Who doesn’t? Cake is a shortcut to happiness and the easiest way to bribe people into liking you.

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