Chocolate and almond cake with brandied cherries

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Cherry Bircher muesli

Is there anything more pleasing that a discernibly healthy breakfast? The sort of breakfast that means you can eat whatever you want later on because The Good Work has already been done. Eating bircher muesli always makes me feel smug, and this recipe makes good use of […]

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Proverbial bowl of cherries

On Saturday I went shopping at East Street Market for the first time in a few years. I used to shop there every week, buying scoops of fruit and veg for a pound a pound and stopping at the egg stall, fishmongers, […]

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Mustard glazed ham

‘At Alleyn’s suggestion they broached Dinah’s luncheon hamper, and he continued his examination of Mandrake’s notes in an atmosphere of ham and hard-boiled eggs’
Chapter 12, Death and the Dancing Footman

If you ask a clutch of crime fiction fans which of the four Queens of Crime – Agatha […]

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Flaming Pears

On July 22, 2009 By

Pears on fire

The British seaside has many attractions. Piers, pebbly beaches, little trains that chug up and down the promenade at slower than walking pace, sticks of rock carved into humorous shapes. But for me, none of it beats poking around the town’s charity shops while wearing […]

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Chocolate wedding cake

A few days ago Housemate Number 3 asked me what my favourite type of cooking was. ‘Baking,’ was my immediate answer. And after baking? ‘Er, pastry.’ And after that? ‘Probably back to baking.’

My fondness for baking has meant that some of my […]

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Mint Ice Cream

One of the most useless gadgets I own is an ice cream maker. For 364 days of the year, it sits in the Sports Cupboard (named after all the golf clubs, rugby balls, roller skates, tennis rackets, shuttlecocks and other bits of sports equipment purchased, used once and then abandoned […]

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"We endeavour to give people anything they ask for." "Including seed cake and muffins – yes, I see. To each according to his need – I see… Quite Marxian." Chapter 1, At Bertram’s Hotel

I remember the day I though my local library had run of […]

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