Tanqueray no TEN

If you’d told me 17 months ago that starting this blog would one day result in me being sent a free bottle of gin, I would’ve laughed in your face and then punched you for putting such crazy, unachievable dreams into my head. Who’d be foolish enough to send me […]

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A milky bedtime drink

On January 6, 2011 By

Hot milk and brandy

I can’t sleep. I don’t know why, but while the rest of London is snoring and drooling its way through the Land of Nod, I am thrashing up and down my bed, twisting my bedsheets into a knot and staring at the ceiling, feverishly imagining leaping, sleep-bringing sheep.

The […]

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Vodka and ginger hot toddy

I know you think now is a good time to go on a detox, but really it isn’t. Consider the impact going alcohol, fat and sugar-free will have on your poor, trembling body. Your internal organs have only just got comfortable operating entirely on Harveys Bristol Cream and your […]

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The sloe gin off

On December 21, 2010 By

Sloe gin

Mr B’s mum has been picking sloes from the frozen hedgerows of The North and he phoned me up to offer me some for sloe gin making. Ever gracious, I accepted, saying: “Thank you, are you making sloe gin?”

“Yes,” said Mr B.

“The we should have a sloe gin making […]

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Waitrose Original London Dry Gin

2 weeks ago some swine, some low, creeping snake, some gutter dwelling rotter crept into my flat and stole my laptop. My beautiful, lovely laptop all covered in flour and butter and with its keys all stuck down with jam. S/he ran off with it and left me […]

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Turkish delight martini

On September 27, 2010 By

Turkish delight martini

I am off on holiday to Turkey – land of sun, sea and interesting old stuff. In my absence I’m leaving you a Turkish delight martini made with rose petal syrup. If you get lonely for me while I’m gone you can drink 1 and […]

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Sacred Gin

I was welcomed back to London in many and various ways. Dinner and drinks, drinks and dinner, sometimes drinks and no dinner (but never just dinner). My startled liver, who’d got used to processing sludgy tannic tea and the occasional glass of sprightly lemonade, found itself going full […]

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Cork Dry Gin

In a change from telling you all about the fascinating things I’ve done today, here’s a post about what I’ve drunk today. And surprise, surprise, it’s gin. But instead of a sturdy, stiff-upper-lip-and-sodomy English gin, I’ve gone native and I’m sipping on a wild, romantic and really quite talkative Irish […]

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Hendrick’s Gin

A break from the Ballymaloe transmissions and a welcome return to the world of gin. There’s nothing like the peaceful calm and tranquil quietude of the countryside to make you turn to drink. If it wasn’t for the pub and the possibility of inappropriate sex with a fellow student (or better […]

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Grenall’s London Dry Gin

Note to Peter: The Hendrick’s is on order, but I had to drink something in the meantime.

Up until last week I’d never heard of G & J Greenall, a 250-year-old distillery that has been quietly guiding my unsteady steps for years without ever […]

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