Gins being given an airing

In honour of World Gin Day on the 9th June, I thought it was about time I a) posted something on this sad, sorry, neglected website; and b) drank some gin. I’ve been very remiss on both counts recently, preferring to spend […]

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The remains of a martini at The Savoy

There are some PR invites that are impossible to refuse, and an invitation to go on a martini safari around London’s swisher hotel bars is one of them. Noilly Prat, the vermouth every discerning cocktail shaker has on hand to moisten […]

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Sloane’s Premium Dry Gin

Once again the Gin Fairy has come calling and this time she has bought me a stylish bottle of Sloane’s Premium Dry Gin. So stylish is the bottle that I’ve begun to reconsider my usual habit of sneaking around Nunhead, depositing empties in my neighbour’s recycling […]

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Sipsmith sloe gin and damson vodka

At the Ladies Ale Night fellow lady food blogger Eats the World introduced me to the term “gincident”, which describes an event caused by gin. Or, more specifically, excess gin. Viewed through the prism of the gincident, my life suddenly makes much more sense.


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Beer 1 with Scotch egg It’s 180 years since Mr Young and Mr Bainbridge bought the Ram Brewery in Wandsworth and began the noble process of transforming barley, hops, yeast and water in to beer. Young’s may have since swapped South West London for the provincial delights of Bedford, but across the […]

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Sipsmith London Dry Gin

Sometimes, when I’m laid on the sofa watching Murder, She Wrote with a gin and tonic positioned just close enough to my face that I barely even need to tremble my lips in order to suck up the booze, I wonder to myself: “Is this it? Is this what […]

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The competitors line up

In December Mr B was given a bag of sloes by his ever-loving mother. A big bag of sloes. More sloes than one person could reasonably use in sloe gin making unless they have their own distillery.

Mr B doesn’t, so he offered me a share of his hedgerow […]

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Bombay Sapphire

If an evening of boozy gin cocktails wasn’t enough to persuade me to write about them, the generous gift fairies at Bombay Sapphire also supplied me with a blue bottle of Bombay. And not just any a bottle. They gave me one with my name etched into […]

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The Gin and Crumpets cocktail

I don’t accept many PR invitations – my commitment to lazy, keyboard-mashing amateurism prevents me from taking an interest in developments, trends or things that happen outside the dark fug of my living room. But when Bombay Sapphire emailed asking if I’d like to go to […]

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Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

Hello sailor! I’m getting that joke out of the way right at the start but I can’t promise it won’t reappear. Opportunities in life to say: “Hello sailor!” are sadly rare and must be taken full advantage of when they come along, much like sailors themselves.

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