Xoriguer Mahon Gin

The weather has finally turned cold. Even in London we’re huddling closer together, gloves and scarves deployed like wooly barriers in case anyone mistakes our shivering proximity for an unLondon overture of friendship.

When the weather turns like this, I like to parade […]

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Lidl Club Dry Gin

I’m not a proud woman – a gin drinker can’t afford to be. We all have to plan for the day when the money and friends are gone and we’re reduced to drinking Old Spice with some juniper berries crushed into it. With that future in […]

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Cherry martini

If you opted to make the dry version of the Cherry pie for Cherry pie ice cream, you should now have a jam jar of sweet cherry juices. If you haven’t done it already, put it in the fridge to chill. Stick a martini […]

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Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin

A couple of months ago Mr B announced that he had found the perfect gin and tonic gin. He regularly makes announcements and they’re not always to be trusted, but this was one I couldn’t ignore. So we tried several of these […]

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Asda Smartprice Dry GIn

Just  in case you were wondering how cheap the gin for the Rhubarb gin should be, I went this cheap. At £6.98 for 70cl, I don’t think it’s possible to go cheaper, not even at Lidl.

Anyway, I bought […]

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