Gin on tap. Let’s just stop there and appreciate that

“What are you up in Edinburgh for?” asked the receptionists at the G&V Hotel as we waited for the printer to spool off my booking.

“I’m here to drink gin.”

He lit up. “You have to go to […]

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  Once again to the gin

Once again the Gin Fairy has paid me a visit, dragging a bottle of Half Hitch Gin across London so I can lay on my sofa and drink G&Ts while watching old reruns of Columbo. Sometimes I wonder if the young, […]

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Come one, come all to my cheese and gin party

In the basement of Beefeater’s south London distillery, a semi-circle of barrels are laid with glasses. There are water glasses, of course. This is a gin tasting and we must all keep our heads somehow. And there are […]

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"Gin is very much a breakfast drink"

I’m upside-down. Next to me ShedLikesFood is also upside-down. She doesn’t seem surprised. Maybe she remembers getting on the roller coaster. The last thing I remember is being waist-high in seawater. We were on our arses and laughing because we couldn’t get up.

I […]

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Did you forget to send your World Gin Day cards?

It’s World Gin Day, a magical 24 hours when juniper-sniffing, booze-sodden dipsomaniacs can gather together to laugh, hug and weep out their affection for all things gin. I plan to spend the day in a bathtub of gin, […]

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One bottle of gin on my table, one bottle of gin

Summer is icumen in. Loud sing cuckoo! How do I know that summer is knocking at the turn-of-the-season door? There are three signs: 1) a trip to the seaside has been planned; 2) there is a lot of talk […]

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West country gin

The weather is normally a boon in the UK. It provides a useful conversational bridge between “hello” and “goodbye” and means we don’t have to turn up to parties drunk in order to come up with something interesting to say (although we do that any […]

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Three little gins, waiting in a row

The year is young, my intentions are good and there is gin to be drunk. My first gin of 2014 is one I was sent by a PR last year and I meant to drink it before Christmas. But, due to all the […]

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Hello gin in my garden

It’s the festive party season. A time of sequins, paper hats and nibbly things on sticks. A time to gather your friends together to make merry in the lambent glow of the Christmas tree. A time to risk your soft palate by playing microwaved mince […]

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Look at the snazzy bottle

At the start of the year F and I made a pact to go to the cinema once a month on the grounds that this was the kind of new year’s resolution we could keep up. And we mostly have. We trot along to Continue Reading