I scream, you scream, we all scream for gin

It’s summer, which means parties, picnics, barbecues and sitting on the pavement outside the pub, drinking pints and feeling very continental. If Christmas is the height of winter drinking, then summer is when we put on our booze bikinis [...]

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The power of beer is strong

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a scheme to set up a new brewery in Lewisham, called Ignition Brewery. My friend Nick O’Shea was trying to win funding to set it up with Lewisham Mencap, creating jobs for adults with [...]

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Finger lickin’ chicken

Tequila was always an 11.30pm drink for me. The first drink ordered once we were through the night club doors. Staggering with booze, lit up with the joy of drunkeness and afraid the wait in the queue might have sobered us up, tequila was what [...]

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Backlit barman descends from on high with gin. Good

When I started this blog in 2009 I thought I’d have reviewed all the gins within a year and could then move on to the important job of reviewing crumpets. Lovely, buttery crumpets. But 7 years have passed and I am [...]

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Gin on tap. Let’s just stop there and appreciate that

“What are you up in Edinburgh for?” asked the receptionists at the G&V Hotel as we waited for the printer to spool off my booking.

“I’m here to drink gin.”

He lit up. “You have to go to [...]

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  Once again to the gin

Once again the Gin Fairy has paid me a visit, dragging a bottle of Half Hitch Gin across London so I can lay on my sofa and drink G&Ts while watching old reruns of Columbo. Sometimes I wonder if the young, [...]

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One for me, one for you…..no. Wait. Two for me. You can go and make your own

Is it too late to talk about summer? We have blue skies still, and on the days when I put on a jumper I end up smelling like a teenager’s trainer because it’s [...]

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Greek frappé nes

On August 12, 2014 By

Strike up the bouzouki and start throwing plates. It’s Greek drinks o’clock

Two weeks holidaying with my parents has re-introduced me to the delights of instant coffee. That’s right, I said the delights of instant coffee. And that I holidayed with my parents for two weeks. They live by the [...]

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Come one, come all to my cheese and gin party

In the basement of Beefeater’s south London distillery, a semi-circle of barrels are laid with glasses. There are water glasses, of course. This is a gin tasting and we must all keep our heads somehow. And there are [...]

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"Gin is very much a breakfast drink"

I’m upside-down. Next to me ShedLikesFood is also upside-down. She doesn’t seem surprised. Maybe she remembers getting on the roller coaster. The last thing I remember is being waist-high in seawater. We were on our arses and laughing because we couldn’t get up.

I [...]

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