What’s in the box? See what you’ve got

If you read my previous post about how making people presents is a grave error and to be avoided at all costs, then you may now be in a quandary. Or maybe not. It depends on how seriously you take my pronouncements [...]

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Whisky & Cream Fudge

On December 7, 2014 By

Whisky and cream, a traditional Christmas pairing ever since Baileys was bottled There are 17 days till Christmas. 17 days! If you haven’t already decided what you’re buying your loved ones, then perhaps you’re reading the Sunday papers, looking at the glossy magazine features on handmade gifts and thinking to [...]

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  Once again to the gin

Once again the Gin Fairy has paid me a visit, dragging a bottle of Half Hitch Gin across London so I can lay on my sofa and drink G&Ts while watching old reruns of Columbo. Sometimes I wonder if the young, [...]

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One for me, one for you…..no. Wait. Two for me. You can go and make your own

Is it too late to talk about summer? We have blue skies still, and on the days when I put on a jumper I end up smelling like a teenager’s trainer because it’s [...]

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Just a little bite to make sure it’s OK. I promise not to eat it all (I ate it all).

Are you watching the Great British Bake Off? Of course you are. Nigh on 8 million people are sat on their sofas every Wednesday, goggling at a tabernacle [...]

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Greek frappé nes

On August 12, 2014 By

Strike up the bouzouki and start throwing plates. It’s Greek drinks o’clock

Two weeks holidaying with my parents has re-introduced me to the delights of instant coffee. That’s right, I said the delights of instant coffee. And that I holidayed with my parents for two weeks. They live by the [...]

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Come one, come all to my cheese and gin party

In the basement of Beefeater’s south London distillery, a semi-circle of barrels are laid with glasses. There are water glasses, of course. This is a gin tasting and we must all keep our heads somehow. And there are [...]

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Hello sunshine

A custard tart is a noble thing. A silken puddle of sunshine in a pastry case. Justin Gellatly, creator of St John’s revered custard doughnuts and now baker of delicious things in his own pastry palace, Bread Ahead, has a [...]

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"Gin is very much a breakfast drink"

I’m upside-down. Next to me ShedLikesFood is also upside-down. She doesn’t seem surprised. Maybe she remembers getting on the roller coaster. The last thing I remember is being waist-high in seawater. We were on our arses and laughing because we couldn’t get up.

I [...]

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Did you forget to send your World Gin Day cards?

It’s World Gin Day, a magical 24 hours when juniper-sniffing, booze-sodden dipsomaniacs can gather together to laugh, hug and weep out their affection for all things gin. I plan to spend the day in a bathtub of gin, [...]

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