I’ve been sat here for ages, trying to write an introduction to the recipe for Battenburg cake that’s now up on Aol Lifetsyle. I’ve been wondering what to say to encourage you to click here and find out how unbelievably easy it is to bake a Battenburg.

After hours staring at the ceiling, waiting for the muse to descend, I’ve finally realised that I don’t need to write anything. It’s Battenburg! You’d have to be an empty husk of a human being to not want to make Battenburg. An emotional void, a joyless puddle of pointless muscle and bone. So why are you still here? Click now and rediscover the pleasure of the Battenburg.

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  1. Anke says:

    It’s a Wedding cake?! Didn’t know that!
    Wow, “450g natural coloured marzipan”, not a lightweight, this one!
    But I love Battenburg cake, and as you can’t get it over here in Germany, I’ll definitely try out this recipe!

  2. Battenburg!! *clicks*

  3. ginandcrumpets says:

    @Anke No, there’s nothing light about Battenburg!

    @beccarothwell Excellent 🙂

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