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  1. Ahana Sood says:

    Hi there….came across your blog ..am really happen to have got to read it ..and that’s because i too am planning to attend the 12 week course at The Ballymaloe Cookery School….now since Iam back in India and not many people know about this school here and i am just trying to hunt the internet left ..right ..up down ..center to get as much as information i can about this course and so can you please help me while you answer a few queries for me..??….it ill be nice if you could mail me your email address and i shall try and catch up with you for an online chat…or simply mail you my questions

  2. […] a fit of nostalgia for Ballymaloe, I decorated the tart with a ring of piped cream roses and strips of crystallised peel I had left […]

  3. […] I came back from Ballymaloe in July, I was a homeless little hobo. Or I would’ve been if it wasn’t for the […]

  4. […] this can be laid at the door of Darina Allen, who gave me the gift of butter during my 3 months at Ballymaloe. It’s a gift I won’t be returning and the sticky sweet smell of onions sweating in […]

  5. […] up chunky, curdled milk in soda bread is a trick I learned at Ballymaloe and one I’ve been grateful for in the past couple of months. Whether I buy 1 pint or 4, my […]

  6. […] also good in home-made lemonade – another Ballymaloe staple. I made my first batch with the juice of 4 smallish lemons, 1 largeish orange, 225ml […]

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