Vegan cherry and almond cake

Vegan cakes. They’re not everyone’s idea of a good time. Mostly this is because, instead of embracing the differences inherent in a dairy and egg-free baking, vegan bakers attempt to replicate a traditional sponge to prove vegan cakes are just like normal cakes. And it doesn’t really work. […]

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There’s magic in names. Say something’s name enough and you conjure it into existence. This is doubly true for Twitter, where an idle comment can turn a half-thought out gag into a real life commitment.

Strawberry rossini

It’s Twitter that’s responsible for Italian Club. It began with friends going to dinner at Trullo […]

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Sipsmith London Dry Gin

Sometimes, when I’m laid on the sofa watching Murder, She Wrote with a gin and tonic positioned just close enough to my face that I barely even need to tremble my lips in order to suck up the booze, I wonder to myself: “Is this it? Is this what […]

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Nunhead high street

Until Monday night, I hadn’t realised how much I love where I live. I knew I liked it here – that I wanted to live in Peckham/Nunhead – but I hadn’t really delved into the soppy, emotional side of things.

When I came back from Ireland last year, I felt […]

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Dressed crab

What is summer without a screaming crustacean being boiled to death? If you’d like to try out your skills as a murderer of seafood, then scoot over to The Dabbler where I’ve explained how to kill and dress crab. Click here for scenes of marine horror.

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Lee Streeton leads the way

2011 has been the year of the forager. There barely seems to be a stretch of hedgerow or a strip of grass that hasn’t been picked over by über local food enthusiasts in search of a fashionable meal. Restaurant menus, following the lead of moss-bothering master chef René […]

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Smoked mackerel pâté

For a nation of island dwellers, the British are stubbornly averse to eating fish. In the kitchen, we keep our backs to the sea and our stomachs pointed firmly towards the fields and forests, where meat roams around in a collection of tantalising guises. Fish, all scales and slime, doesn’t […]

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Battenburg cake

I’ve been sat here for ages, trying to write an introduction to the recipe for Battenburg cake that’s now up on Aol Lifetsyle. I’ve been wondering what to say to encourage you to click here and find out how unbelievably easy it is to bake a Battenburg.

After hours […]

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On July 13, 2011 By

Fancy magazine

Reading things online is fun, isn’t it? The screen’s flickering, hypnotic light dazzles and beguiles you while you scan the words and if you get bored half way through you can open up another screen and watch a kitten punch itself in the face.

Reading stuff on paper in normal magazines […]

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Red cabbage and dill coleslaw

I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate coleslaw. Limp shards of carrot and cabbage slithering around in an indecent white sauce; the summer is bedecked by tubs of it and the sight of them floods my body with bile. Worse is the tragic half-eaten bowl […]

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