Backlit barman descends from on high with gin. Good

When I started this blog in 2009 I thought I’d have reviewed all the gins within a year and could then move on to the important job of reviewing crumpets. Lovely, buttery crumpets. But 7 years have passed and I am [...]

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It’s chips Jim, but not as we know it

Celeriac chips are just like normal chips except they are made from celeriac, which means they taste a bit like celery. And if there is one thing I’ve always thought about chips it’s that they don’t taste like celery enough.

Celeriac [...]

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Gin on tap. Let’s just stop there and appreciate that

“What are you up in Edinburgh for?” asked the receptionists at the G&V Hotel as we waited for the printer to spool off my booking.

“I’m here to drink gin.”

He lit up. “You have to go to [...]

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Is there anything kale can’t improve?

It’s the sixth day of Christmas and all across the country millions of people are standing in front of their fridge and asking themselves the same question: “How long can we keep eating this food before we poison ourselves?”

Because there is nothing more [...]

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What’s in the box? See what you’ve got

If you read my previous post about how making people presents is a grave error and to be avoided at all costs, then you may now be in a quandary. Or maybe not. It depends on how seriously you take my pronouncements [...]

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Whisky & Cream Fudge

On December 7, 2014 By

Whisky and cream, a traditional Christmas pairing ever since Baileys was bottled There are 17 days till Christmas. 17 days! If you haven’t already decided what you’re buying your loved ones, then perhaps you’re reading the Sunday papers, looking at the glossy magazine features on handmade gifts and thinking to [...]

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  Once again to the gin

Once again the Gin Fairy has paid me a visit, dragging a bottle of Half Hitch Gin across London so I can lay on my sofa and drink G&Ts while watching old reruns of Columbo. Sometimes I wonder if the young, [...]

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Cheese and lentils. Classic

If you’re looking for a place that exemplifies modern London restaurants, then take yourself to Blenhein Grove, pull up a stool in Peckham Refreshment Rooms and order a plate of ham to share. From the barely there decor to the mix and [...]

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Portrait of a balanced diet

Sharp-eyed readers with a fondness for small print will have noticed that my post about Forza Dispensa was tagged Peckham Dining Club. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the hashtag #PeckhamDiningClub appear every so often. [...]

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Nothing finer than a chicken on a ramble

Much of the UK has passed me by. Or, more accurately, I’ve passed a lot it by. There are a few tourist hotspots I’ve idled in for a week or two, but great swathes of the country are a mystery [...]

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