No, I haven’t just helped myself to a slice. How dare you even make such a suggestion. *guilty crumb face*

An iron grey June sky is sitting low over the park and the air smells of hot pavement, dry lawns and rains to come. I’m on a picnic [...]

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Once I’ve finished spiralising potatoes, I’m going to use my Nutribullet to make pina coladas

I look at the spiraliser on my kitchen worktop and sometimes I wonder if it isn’t just another fondue set. A Breville toastie maker. A pasta machine. A gadget that seems like [...]

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What, no tomatoes?

30 minute meals are things I don’t really believe in. Whenever a recipe says: ‘You’ll be eating dinner in less than 30 minutes!” I think: “No I won’t.” And, generally, I’m not. The recipes never take into account not knowing where your ovenproof dish is; [...]

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The best new brewery in South East London? Could be

“More beer and jobs!” As electioneering slogans go, it’s a pretty good one. And if you vote for Ignition Brewery to receive funding from the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Skills & Opportunities Fund, you [...]

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A truly awesome plate (pudding’s not bad either)

My new favourite cookbook is New Feast by Greg and Lucy Malouf. Published last year, I found it in a stack of cookbooks at work and brought it home to read. That was about six weeks ago and [...]

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Brains or cauliflower? Who can say

I occasionally think I should shut this blog down. I don’t have time to post that often. I feel guilty about not having time to post that often. So I make resolutions and fill myself with good intentions that I never stick [...]

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Backlit barman descends from on high with gin. Good

When I started this blog in 2009 I thought I’d have reviewed all the gins within a year and could then move on to the important job of reviewing crumpets. Lovely, buttery crumpets. But 7 years have passed and I am [...]

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It’s chips Jim, but not as we know it

Celeriac chips are just like normal chips except they are made from celeriac, which means they taste a bit like celery. And if there is one thing I’ve always thought about chips it’s that they don’t taste like celery enough.

Celeriac [...]

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Gin on tap. Let’s just stop there and appreciate that

“What are you up in Edinburgh for?” asked the receptionists at the G&V Hotel as we waited for the printer to spool off my booking.

“I’m here to drink gin.”

He lit up. “You have to go to [...]

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Is there anything kale can’t improve?

It’s the sixth day of Christmas and all across the country millions of people are standing in front of their fridge and asking themselves the same question: “How long can we keep eating this food before we poison ourselves?”

Because there is nothing more [...]

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