Aperol sorbet

Some things are the result of long and careful planning. Well thought out combinations that are scrutinised and experimented with. Trialled and test run. And some things take two seconds thought, the contents of your fridge and a glorious summer’s day.

We didn’t have enough cold drinks in our fridge in Florence. Shed had done the shopping, so we had Aperol, vermouth and gin. All good drinks, and they combine to make a great one. But they’re not exactly a tall, frosty beer, or even a sharp lemonade fizzing over ice.

We did have lemon in the freezer. This sparked an idea.

I thought it was Shed who suggested combining the lemon sorbet and the . She thinks it was me. So the original genius is lost to history, even though there are only two geniuses to chose from (this is why history is hard and full of lies).

Whoever it was, we put large scoops of lemon sorbet in tumblers, poured in enough Aperol to come half way up the glass, and took them up to our terrace to eat/ (they need a bit of both). Frothy, sour, zesty and boozy, Aperol and lemon sorbet is the perfect drinkable dessert for sun-baked summer days.

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