A quire of paper

Looking for a way to impress the crowds on ? Then abandon those familiar, sturdy for a stack of sheet-thin crêpes made mostly from cream, butter and sherry. Next to impossible to turn or flip, but like eating buttery, boozy air when they work. Click here for the recipe.

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3 Responses to A quire of paper for The Dabbler

  1. Mmmmmm, they look a bit good. I’m a fan of the delicate pancake, and you don’t see them around much these days. Like everything else, they’ve been shunted aside in favour of American fatboy versions.

    Yay for a quire of papers, therefore!

  2. ooh i like the idea of sherry in it. and cream, sounds much better than the floury versions i make.

  3. ginandcrumpets says:

    @aforkfulfospaghetti Yay, indeed. A blow against stodge (unusual for me to provide it, but we all have our delicate days)(.

    @klausandheidi It’s basically fried cream in a sheet format. And you can’t beat a bit of sherry.

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